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Dave Brubeck Quartet

David Warren Brubeck (/ˈbruːbɛk/; December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012) was an American jazz pianist and composer, considered one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. Many of his compositions have become jazz standards including "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "The Duke".
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1986: ''Music From West Side Story''
1986: ''Reflections''
1980: ''Tritonis''
1966: ''My Favorite Things''
1965: ''Anything Goes''
1964: ''Jazz Impressions of Japan''
1964: ''Jazz Impressions of New York''
1964: ''Time Changes''
1963: ''Brandenburg Gate: Revisited'' listen full album
1962: ''Angel Eyes''
1962: ''Bossa Nova U.S.A.''
1962: ''Countdown: Time in Outer Space'' listen full album
1961: ''Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein''
1961: ''Near-Myth''
1961: ''The Riddle''
1961: ''Time Further Out''
1960: ''Southern Scene''
1960: ''Tonight Only!''
1959: ''Gone With the Wind''
1959: ''Time Out'' listen full album
1958: ''Jazz Impressions of Eurasia''
1957: ''Dave Digs Disney''
1957: ''Jazz Impressions of the U.S.A.''
1955: ''Brubeck Time''
1955: ''Jazz: Red Hot and Cool''