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Freddie Hubbard

Frederick Dewayne Hubbard (April 7, 1938 – December 29, 2008) was an American jazz trumpeter.[1] He was known primarily for playing in the bebop, hard bop, and post-bop styles from the early 1960s onwards. His unmistakable and influential tone contributed to new perspectives for modern jazz and bebop.
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1975: ''Liquid Love''
1975: ''Polar AC''
1974: ''High Energy''
1973: ''Keep Your Soul Together''
1972: ''Sky Dive''
1971: ''First Light'' listen full album
1971: ''Sing Me a Song of Songmy - A Fantasy for Electroma''
1971: ''Straight Life''
1970: ''Red Clay''
1970: ''The Black Angel''
1969: ''A Soul Experiment''
1969: ''The Hub of Hubbard''
1968: ''High Blues Pressure''
1967: ''Backlash''
1966: ''Minor Mishap''
1965: ''Blue Spirits''
1964: ''Breaking Point''
''The Body''
1963: ''The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard''
1962: ''Hub-Tones'' listen full album
1961: ''Gettin' It Together''
1961: ''Goin' Up''
1961: ''Hub Cap''
1961: ''Ready for Freddie''
1960: ''Open Sesame'' listen full album