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Galneryus (Japanese: ガルネリウス, Hepburn: Garuneriusu, stylized as GALNERYUS) is a Japanese power metal band, formed in Osaka in 2001 by guitarist Syu and vocalist Yama-B.[5][6] Originally the only official members, the two utilized several support musicians until bassist Tsui, keyboardist Yuhki, and drummer Jun-ichi officially joined for the release of their debut album in 2003.
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2014: ''VETELGYUS'' listen full album
2012: ''Angel of Salvation'' listen full album
2012: ''? FIST OF THE BLUE SKY''
2011: ''Phoenix Rising'' listen full album
2010: ''Resurrection'' listen full album
2008: ''Reincarnation''
2008: ''Voices From the Past ?''
2007: ''One For All - All For One'' listen full album
2007: ''Voices From the Past''
2006: ''Beyond the End of Despair…''
2005: ''Advance to the Fall'' listen full album
2003: ''The Flag of Punishment'' listen full album
''The Ironhearted Flag, Vol.1: Regeneration Side''
''The Ironhearted Flag, Vol.2: Reformation Side''