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Gang Green

Gang Green is a rock band originally from Braintree, Massachusetts. Chris Doherty (guitar), Bill Manley (bass) and Mike Dean (drums) started the band in 1980 and broke up in 1984.



Dive into the Musical Biography of Gang Green

When it comes to punk rock music, Gang Green is one name that should not be missed on the list of iconic artists. With an extensive musical career spanning decades, Gang Green has made a significant contribution to the punk rock genre, consistently delivering raw and unapologetic songs that have become classics. In this article, we invite you to dive into the musical biography of Gang Green, from his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs, to get a closer look at the artist behind the music.

Gang Green has been a force to reckon with in the punk rock scene since the early 80s. The band was formed in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts, by lead singer and guitarist Chris Doherty. Gang Green's sound was heavily influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Bad Brains. The band released their debut album, Another Wasting Day, in 1984 through Taang! Records, marking the beginning of their career. The album featured songs like Alcohol and Skate to Hell, which became instant classics among punk rock fans.

In 1985, Gang Green released their second album, You Got It, which showcased their growth as a band. The album featured more complex guitar riffs and intricate drumming, featuring songs like Rabies and Sold Out. However, it was their third album, Older...Budweiser, that truly put Gang Green on the map. Released in 1989 through Roadrunner Records, the album featured songs like We Can Go and Terrorize, which became staples in the punk rock scene.

Despite their success, Gang Green faced internal conflicts, and the band went through several lineup changes throughout the years. However, this did not stop them from releasing more music, and they continued to deliver quality punk rock with albums like Can't Live Without It and Back & Gacked.

Gang Green's musical style can be described as fast-paced, aggressive, and unapologetic. They were not afraid to push the boundaries of the punk rock genre, experimenting with different sounds and styles. The band's lyrics often dealt with topics like alcohol, rebellion, and societal issues, resonating with their fans.

When it comes to Gang Green's most famous songs, Alcohol is undoubtedly one of their most iconic tracks. The song's catchy chorus and raw lyrics have made it a staple in punk rock music. Skate to Hell, Terrorize, and We Can Go are also among some of Gang Green's most popular tunes, showcasing the band's energy and sound.

From their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs, Gang Green has been a force to reckon with in the punk rock scene. Their unique sound and unapologetic lyrics have made them a fan-favorite among music listeners worldwide. Despite facing challenges throughout their career, Gang Green never lost sight of their passion for music, and their contributions to the punk rock genre will always be remembered. So, next time you want to dive into some raw and unfiltered punk rock, give Gang Green a listen, and you won't be disappointed.
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1 - Alcohol
2 - Kill a Commie
3 - Skate to Hell
4 - Have Fun
5 - Another Wasted Night
6 - 19th Hole
7 - Sold Out
8 - Rabies
9 - Lie Lie
10 - Voices Carry
11 - Narrow Mind
12 - Terrorize
13 - Selfish
14 - Last Chance
15 - Wash the Blood
16 - I Don't Know
17 - Eviction Party
18 - Eight Ball
19 - Protect And Serve
20 - Hate
21 - Evil
22 - Tonight We Rock
23 - Sold Out Alabama
24 - Crocadile Rock
25 - Voices Scary
26 - We'll Give It To You
27 - This Job Sucks
28 - Break The Bottle
29 - Death Of The Party
30 - I Missed It
31 - Time To Pay
32 - Church Of Fun
33 - Livin' In Oblivion
34 - Here To Stay
35 - Just One Bullet
36 - Accidental Overdose
37 - Hole (in The Road)
38 - Haunted House
39 - Don't You Know
40 - Denied
41 - Out On The Couch
42 - Suspect Device
43 - We Can Go
44 - Beach Whistle
45 - I'll Worry About It Monday
46 - Weekend Millionaire
47 - Tricked Into Bed... Again
48 - Born To Rock