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About Métronhomme: The musical group Métronhomme was formed in Macerata (MC), ITALY, in the summer of 2003; the idea of the members was that of developing an unusual project, based on original music compositions, open to a wide type of sounds and experimentations. The first Metronhomme’s work was characterized by the form of the concept: not single pieces for the sake of themselves, but a single conceptual composition divided into several moments; the purpose was to represente the work in a theatrical context. With this method, the first three works of the group come to life: “L’ultimo canto di Orfeo” (The last song of Orpheus), “Neve” and “Bar Panopticon”. The show entitled The Last Song of Orpheus was played in public for the first time in 2005: a free musical-multimedia interpretation of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The idea is based on the representation of a musical journey using a small dance troupe; some backgroud narrating voices accompained the unfolding of the musical paintings as a small vademecum for the viewer and the band used the synchronized video-projections as sound for the paintings. The band, represented its first work in numerous theaters; the performances were welcomed by the critics and Metronhomme decided to create a CD of the musical part of the show. In 2008 it was the turn of Neve (tr. “Snow”). It is a musical-theatrical representation, freely taken from Maxence Fermine’s homonym novel witch constitute a research work exploring the fusion of a theater and music. In 2010, the group was involved in a new project: Bar Panopticon; the work was first played at the Lauro Rossi Theater in Macerata, with the contribution of AMAT (Marche Theatrical Activities Association) and the Municipality of the town. Proceeding along the path of interference between music, theater and video, the Métronhomme give life to a multimedia show with live performances and a dream-like music style. The band is the author of the music and also of the tale; videos of the projections were made with the collaboration of professional actors of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan. In 2019 the album 4 takes shape, the fourth new work of Métronhomme: an LP 33 rpm 180gr. self-produced by the band, in which there are 11 instrumental tracks, for a tot
Exploring the World of Métronhomme – A Musical Mastermind
Music has the power to make you feel and connect with different emotions in a way that nothing else can. It’s an art form that touches your soul and brings people together. When it comes to contemporary music, nobody does it better than the French artist, Métronhomme. His unique blend of electronic sounds and live instruments has captivated audiences all over the world. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and times of Métronhomme, his musical journey, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critical evaluation.
Métronhomme, whose real name is Thibault Gerard, was born in Nantes, France. He started playing guitar and bass at a young age and later took up electronic music production in his teenage years. He quickly developed a passion for mixing organic and synthetic sounds, and so was born his signature sound. His music is a perfect mix of electronica, hip hop, jazz, and rock.
Métronhomme's music is a genre of its own, and his 2017 debut album, 'I Am Introspection,' is a testament to that. The album was praised for its unique style and inventive sound design. It earned him a spot on the global stage and recognition from critics worldwide. His versatility is evident in his musical style and is evident in his versatile discography.
Some of Métronhomme's best songs include 'Elena,' 'Freefall,' 'Icarus,' and 'Ambre.' Each song has its unique sound that's carefully constructed using a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds with a characteristic melody. Once you start listening to them, you will be drawn into his world of futuristic beats and musical mastery.
Métronhomme has performed at various venues worldwide, including the famous Coachella festival. He is known for his electrifying performances, where he uses a combination of live instruments such as bass, drums, and guitars, along with electronic soundscapes, to create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere. His shows are a spectacle that you don't want to miss, and fans have been known to travel far and wide just to experience the magic.
The critical response to Métronhomme's music has been overwhelmingly positive. Critics have hailed him as a musical genius, and his music has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring musicians. What sets his music apart is the way he blends different genres and instruments into a cohesive and immersive sound. Métronhomme continues to innovate and explore new sonic landscapes that will undoubtedly make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
Métronhomme's music has broken down boundaries and redefined contemporary music. With his unique sound and innovative musical style, he continues to captivate audiences all over the world. His music is an example of artistic excellence that transcends genres and cultures. We hope this blog post has given you a glimpse into the musical world of Métronhomme, and we encourage you to explore his music further. You won't be disappointed.


1 - Quarantine
2 - I Treni di Gabo
3 - ...di una Moneta che Cade
4 - Chiuso per Gatti
5 - Acrobazie