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A Glimpse into Poppy's Musical Journey: From YouTube Stardom to a Unique Music Genre
In the world of music, popularity and fame often come with an established music style. Yet, there are some musicians who break the mold and venture on uncharted territories. Poppy, a YouTube sensation turned music artist, is one such example. With her unique music style and electrifying performances, Poppy has won hearts and ears of thousands of listeners. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into Poppy's musical biography, her best songs, and her music genre.
Poppy's journey to becoming a music artist is unconventional. She first gained popularity as a creator of abstract YouTube videos with a robotic persona back in 2014. Her music career officially began in 2017 with her debut album Poppy.Computer. The album was a blend of pop music, electronic music, and experimental sounds. The album marked Poppy's transition from online videos to mainstream music. Her unique music style garnered her a lot of attention and admiration from her fans.
Poppy's music genre can be best described as post-genre. Her music style has elements of pop, metal, electronic, R&B, and experimental sounds. Her music is often characterized by its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics. What makes Poppy stand out is not only her unique music style, but also her on-stage persona. Her music videos and performances often feature surreal, whimsical and thought-provoking themes.
Regarding Poppy's best songs, it's a challenging task to narrow them down to just a few. However, some fan-favorites include Concrete, Play Destroy, and Scary Mask. The songs are an apt representation of Poppy's versatility as a musician. Concrete is an infectious pop song with dark and edgy undertones. Play Destroy is a metal-infused track with a catchy chorus that is sure to get you pumped up. Scary Mask is a collaboration with metal artist FEVER 333 and features powerful guitar riffs with an empowering message.
Poppy's concerts are a true visual and musical experience. Her performances are known for their surreal and thought-provoking themes. Her act features robotic backup dancers and imaginative set design. A highlight of her concert was her performance at the 2019 Louder Than Life Festival. Poppy's electrifying stage presence and unique music style was well-received by the audience.
Despite Poppy's widespread acclaim, there are some criticisms that her music style is too alienating for mainstream music. While her music may not be for everyone, there is no denying the impact she has had on the music industry. Poppy is an artist that breaks the mold and offers a fresh perspective on what music can be.
Poppy's musical journey is distinctive and thought-provoking. Her transition from a YouTube star to a music artist is a testament to her creativity and popularity among fans. Her music genre is a culmination of various elements, making it unique and fresh. Her best songs are a perfect representation of her versatility as a musician. Poppy's concerts are a surreal and imaginative experience that will leave you wanting more. Whether you are a fan of her music or not, there is no denying the impact Poppy has on the music industry. She is an artist that defies convention and offers a fresh perspective on what music can be.
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Poppy: From Dawn to Fame, Biography of a Musical Genius

Poppy, whose real name is Moriah Rose Pereira, is a rising American singer, songwriter, and actress. She made her debut in 2014 and has since grown to become a significant influence in the music industry. Poppy's career has experienced a series of ups and downs, but she remains popular to date. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the musical biography of Poppy, her beginnings, her most famous albums and songs, plus a brief description of her musical style and influences.

Poppy began her music career in 2014, releasing the first album Bubblebath EP. Initially, she was known as That Poppy and had a YouTube channel featuring sketches, video blogs, and strange music videos. Her style was characterized by bubblegum pop, experimental pop, and surrealism. However, her style has evolved dramatically over the years, taking on a darker and more alternative sound. This connection with alternative rock came to the fore in 2018 when she released her most popular album to date, Am I a Girl?

Am I a Girl? was a turning point for Poppy since it was a departure from bubblegum pop, and it featured synth-rock with techno-pop beats. The album's title track featured her signature, a bridge between metal and pop genres, and other hits from the album were X, Time Is Up, and Play Destroy, featuring British musician Grimes. It is essential to note that Poppy's music is influenced by artists like Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Taylor Swift, and Gwen Stefani.

In 2020, Poppy released I Disagree, her third album, which featured different sounds ranging from hard rock to punk rock. The album's lead single, Concrete, has been praised for its production and garnered millions of views on YouTube. Songs like Fill the Crown and Bloodmoney showed Poppy's ability to blend different genres while remaining true to her sound.

Poppy is also known for her music videos, which often involve surreal and dystopian scenes and her persona's portrayal as a robotic and ambiguous character. Her videos are visually stunning and have won multiple awards. It is essential to note that her multiple head-scratching and at times, cryptic, videos also reflect her support for the LGBTQ community, mental health advocacy, and women rights.

Poppy has come a long way from her early days in music, and her journey continues to inspire those who appreciate her sound. The evolution of her sound has been remarkable, with each album offering a unique perspective on her talent. Poppy's impact on the music industry is undeniable, and her music is enjoyed by fans worldwide. She is a musical genius who has brought her unique blend of bubblegum-pop, alternative, and hard rock sounds to the world. Undoubtedly, Poppy has many more years of making great music ahead of her, and we can't wait to see what she will come up with next.
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1 - Play Destroy
2 - Time Is Up
3 - Computer Boy
4 - X
5 - Interweb
6 - Fashion After All
7 - Bleach Blonde Baby
8 - In A Minute
9 - Money
10 - Moshi Moshi
11 - Let's Make A Video
12 - Chic Chick
13 - Iconic
14 - Software Upgrade
15 - Am I A Girl?
16 - My Microphone
17 - Hard Feelings
18 - Girls In Bikinis
19 - My Style
20 - Aristocrat
21 - Interlude 1
22 - The Rapture Ball
23 - Fuzzy
24 - Pop Music
25 - Interlude 2
26 - Metal
27 - Altar
28 - American Kids
29 - Immature Couture
30 - Obnoxious Blocks
31 - Voicemail
32 - Don't Ask
33 - The Holy Mountain
34 - Bleep Bloop
35 - If It Bleeds
36 - Meat
37 - Choke
38 - Khaos X4
39 - Lowlife
40 - Scary Mask
41 - Don't Go Outside
42 - Sit / Stay
43 - Nothing I Need
44 - Bite Your Teeth
45 - Sick Of The Sun
46 - Anything Like Me
47 - Fill The Crown
48 - All The Things She Said
49 - Concrete
50 - Bloodmoney
51 - I Disagree
52 - As Strange As It Seems
53 - On The Level
54 - Never Find My Place
55 - Lessen The Damage
56 - Hysteria
57 - Bloom
58 - Flux
59 - Eat (official Audio)
60 - Her
61 - So Mean
62 - Stagger
2021: Flux
2020: I Disagree


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