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Radikal Guru

Radikal Guru is an internationally acclaimed artist, with a history of creating some of the best music out there. His unique sound has helped him to attain coveted success within his field, and over the years he has built a vast catalogue of top songs and albums. Whether its classical funk or alternative vibes, Radikal Guru focuses on delivering rhythmical gems for all listeners. In tribute to this musical maestro’s brilliance, it’s befitted that we celebrate his many awards, accolades and contributions to music history.



The Musical Journey of Radikal Guru: From his Beginnings to His Most Famous Albums and Songs

We always wonder what motivates our favorite artists to create the music they do. Radikal Guru is no exception. He’s considered one of the most influential figures in the dub and reggae scene. In this blog, we’ll dive into the biography of this skilled musician, including his musical influences, most famous albums, and catchy tunes.Radikal Guru, aka Mateusz Miller, was born and raised in Poland. His musical interest began when he was young, and he started playing instruments and producing music. His foray into the dub genre took him to the UK, where he gained popularity among music lovers and fellow musicians. He’s released six studio albums and multiple singles and EPs since then. Radikal Guru has always tried to create music that reflects his love for creating bass-heavy, reverberating beats, dub effects, and an underground sound.

In his tracks, you’ll find a mix of old-school dub, roots reggae, and dubstep, making it the ultimate music experience for all audiences. Radikal Guru draws his inspiration from many musical legends, such as King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, and Scientist. Their methods of manipulating sounds, unique effects, and arrangement of sounds have influenced his musical style. Besides, he’s also collaborated with renowned artists in the scene, including Echo Ranks, Tenor Youthman, and YT.

Radikal Guru’s first album, The Rootstepa, was released in 2011. The album received major acclaim from critics and music enthusiasts and paved the way for his future releases. The first track on the album, Earthwalker, is a powerful sound that used deep, intense bass and had a unique echo effect. The album’s success opened doors for Radikal Guru to perform in numerous festivals and events in Europe.

He released his second album in 2013, titled Subconscious. Subconscious fused dub and reggae with elements of dubstep and added a more futuristic and experimental touch to Radikal Guru’s signature sound. Tracks like Stay Calm and Mentalist were well received by his audiences and further cemented his status as one of the more prominent names in the genre.

His most recent album, The Science of Dub, was released in 2019. The album explored the more scientific side of music creation, with tracks like Space Attack and Digitalizer Dub. The album’s retro-sounding effects and style reflect Radikal Guru’s interests in fostering a new kind of music evolution while staying true to his roots.

Radikal Guru’s most famous songs are those that hit home with his audiences. Tracks like Stay Calm, Knowledge, and Freedom are all diverse in style, yet they still manage to capture the essence of his musical style. The bass-heavy beats and unique sound effects are what makes them cult favorites among his fans.

Radikal Guru’s journey from Poland to the UK is a testament to the artist’s love for his craft. His journey through different genres of dub and reggae has shaped his unique sound into the bass-heavy, futuristic sound we all love today. His collaborations and influences have made him one of the pillars of the dub scene, and his music speaks to the enduring nature of the genre. Radikal Guru’s music will undoubtedly continue to influence and inspire future generations of music producers and lovers alike.
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1 - Strong Dub
2 - Dread Commandments
3 - Wisdom Dub
4 - King Kong
5 - Kali
6 - Earthwalker
7 - Ethnic
8 - The Rootstepa
9 - Tundra Dub
10 - Kingston Town
11 - Conquering dub
12 - Subba Dub
13 - Solaris dub
14 - Conspiracy
15 - Ahmed
16 - Rudeboy Skank
17 - New Decade
18 - Dub Down Babylon
19 - Dread Commandments - Original Mix
20 - Stay Calm
21 - Different Dub
22 - Babylon Sky
23 - Spaced Out
24 - Subconscious
25 - Outernational
26 - Sound System
27 - Champion Sound
28 - Fire
29 - Back Off - Dj Madd Remix
30 - Warning!
31 - Mentalist