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Cru•lla is a manifold and multicultural festival, aspects that reflect in its musical offer. Aside from the headliners, the bands belong to interesting subgenres. This is exactly the festival's fascination. The concerts represent Barcelona's summer, made of colors and people from all over the world. They are the opportunity to know different music genres you are still unaware of. The lineup is well organized so you will always find yourself listening to music, a pleasure for your ears. The bands are selected to balance great musicians who made the history of music and young artists who are shaking the contemporary world of music. What are you waiting for? Just buy a ticket, pack your suitcase and enjoy the music at the ninth edition of Festival Cru•lla, here, in Barcelona!
This is the official website of the Festival:
Cru•lla Festival Listen to the songs of the bands that played at the multicultural Festival Cru•lla. Barcelona is waiting for you with its alternative sound, come to Festival Cru•lla!

Exploring the Multifold Musical Offerings at Cruïlla Festival
Music lovers, summer in Barcelona just got a lot more exciting with the ninth edition of Cruïlla Festival. This multicultural festival is a delight for visitors and locals alike, offering a wide range of musical genres that showcase the vibrant and diverse spirit of Barcelona. The festival's headliners are always a attraction, but what is truly fascinating is the eclectic mix of bands belonging to interesting subgenres that bring a unique flavor to the festival. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the musical offerings at Cruïlla Festival and why you should not miss out on the opportunity to attend.
Cruïlla Festival is all about diversity and inclusivity, and the musical lineup is a testimony to that. From indie to hip-hop to rock, the festival has got it all covered. In fact, the festival is known for its ability to curate a balanced lineup of great musicians from different genres, including legendary ones and young artists making their mark in the contemporary music scene. The festival's discerning organizers understand their audience's expectations, which is why they focus on quality, diversity, and originality in the selection of bands.
One of the most intriguing aspects of Cruïlla Festival is the opportunity to discover new music. The festival showcases a mix of established and emerging artists who bring fresh perspectives to the stage. This is the perfect opportunity to venture into music genres you might be unaware of or haven't explored yet. The festival is a hub of creativity and experimentation – from flamenco-fused rock to futuristic pop sounds, you'll find yourself swaying to new beats and rhythms.
Beyond the music, the festival's multicultural environment is something to behold. The people, the food, the art, and the energy all come together to create a memorable experience for visitors. You'll meet people from all over the world who share the same love for music, and you'll make lifelong memories dancing to the tunes of your favorite bands in an immersive setting.
The festival's well-organized structure ensures that you'll never miss out on any of the action. With multiple stages and a non-stop lineup of artists, there's always something going on. The festival's management is adept at using technology to keep visitors informed and engaged, providing real-time updates on the schedule and performances via the official festival app.
In conclusion, Cruïlla Festival is a perfect embodiment of Barcelona's vibrant and inclusive spirit. If you're a music lover or just looking to explore new cultures and experiences, this festival shouldn't be missed. The festival's musical lineup is exemplary, highlighting a diverse mix of artists and offering a chance to discover new music. The multicultural environment of the festival is a treat, bringing together people from all backgrounds in a celebration of music and culture. So, book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of music at Cruïlla Festival. Let the rhythm take hold!


Festival Cruïlla is pure freedom

Live the best summer experience at Cruïlla Festival! Every July in the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona, ​​​​enjoy music, art and comedy in an unforgettable setting facing the sea. Get your day ticket or open your 3 or 4 day pass to get the full experience. This isn't a conventional party, it's a life. Talk with friends while enjoying the best gastronomy and cold brain, laugh with the best comedians, contemplate the most impressive art or just give it your all at concerts. El Cruïlla is a guarantee of freedom, happiness and guaranteed enjoyment. This year come and dance, jump and have fun like never before! Do not miss it!

Cruilla Festival 2024

Experience the unforgettable Cruïlla Festival on July 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2024 at Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona. Enjoy music, art, and comedy in an iconic city by the sea. Indulge in the best summer night with a single day pass or upgrade to a Weekend or Full pass for the complete experience. This isn't just a party - it's a way of life. Explore gastronomy, laugh at comedy shows, admire art exhibitions, or dance your heart out at the concert area. Cruïlla is about freedom, happiness, and guaranteed fun. This year's festival promises dancing, jumping, and joy like never before.

Cruilla Festival 2023

El Cruïlla guarantees you freedom, happiness and pure joy! El Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona offers you the perfect environment by the sea to dance, jump and enjoy at this epic festival that is celebrated every year since 2005. In 2023, they will want to keep it to the full list on days 5, 6, 7 and 8 de julio para que vivas una experiencia inolvidable. Sobre todo, si eres fanático de la música española! This year, they will feature star performances from Nicki Nicole, Rubén Blades, The Offspring and Placebo, among other great artists. ¡Además, no te pierdas las artes, performances y espectáculos de comedia! All in one place to be happy!

Cruilla Festival 2021

The most anticipated festival finally arrived in Barcelona! The Cruïlla became the festival most desired by the people of Barcelona, ​​and it did not disappoint. Although Covid-19 changed our lives, it could not overcome the passion for music and the company of friends. The festival was exceptionally organized, allowing us to access the venue quickly and without complications. The only disappointment was the mass robberies at some of the concerts, but this was not enough to ruin our experience. The festive atmosphere was captivating and energizing, with concerts by Muerdo and Iseo & Dodosound lighting up the mood. Although Izal's concert did not meet our expectations, singing along with the other attendees made it exciting. Overall, the festival was incredibly enjoyable and allowed us to relive the excitement of coming together to celebrate music. What a great way to re-feel the excitement of sharing unforgettable moments with friends!

Festival Cruïlla 2020

The Festival was not held in 2020, and was postponed to 2021.

Festival Cruïlla 2019

The 2019 Cruïlla Festival broke an audience record in its tenth edition with 77,000 attendees, according to the organizers. The implementation of 5G technology in the entertainment industry and groups such as the Black Eyed Peas, Love of Lesbian and the Australian Kylie Minogue were the novelties of this edition acclaimed by the public. Zaz, Foals, Bastille, Garbage, Vetusta Morla, Parov Stelar, Ayax and Prok, Marcelo d2 and Tike Jah Fakoly also performed. In addition, other artists such as Els Pets, Dorian, Seu Jorge, Michael Kiwanuka and Jorge Drexler also performed on different stages of the festival. Kylie Minogue was one of the main artists and her performance at the Barcelona festival was her only presentation in Spain in 2019. Fans gathered in the main stage area before her show, Kylie Minogue represents a symbol of struggle for the LGTBI collective and has won numerous awards, in addition to selling 90 million copies of his records. The hype around his performance was enormous.

Festival Cruïlla 2018

A festival with incredible contrasts on the planet! In Cruïlla, we were able to enjoy the friendly pop of Joan Dausà or Blaumut in the middle of the afternoon. Then we get to N.E.R.D's healthy flirtatious, lawless and sexy show with "hitmaker" Pharrell Williams! Not a trace of spoiled stars here! N.E.R.D came on stage with astonishing energy, linking together their own songs and those produced by Pharrell or The Neptunes (Pharrell with his partner Chad Hugo) without much hiatus. They only paused to insist that the audience create a pogo circle. "If you're not afraid of bulls, you can't be afraid of a human circle," the 'Get lucky' singer said in a moment of pure amusement. Prophets Of Rage, the rap-rock supergroup featuring members of Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and Rage Against The Machine also performed! Rappers B-Real and Chuck D and guitarist Tom Morello became heroes of the night with their absolute dedication. Even Morello had a guitar with the message 'Catalunya Lliure' stamped on it. New and classic tracks from their respective parent groups were dropped, including RATM! How do you compete with that? From fists in the air we went to petitions for peace with Damian Marley, the son of Bob Marley. Then EDM idol Kygo turned Cruïlla into a beachy rave for long stretches into the night! The variety of music is amazing! This festival has it all!

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