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Justice brings a special kind of joy to our hearts through its uplifting music! Its thoughtfully crafted lyrics fill us with motivation and strength to pursue our hopes and dreams. Every track is a burst of energy radiating positive vibes with toe tapping beats that are impossible not to love. Listening to Justice's glorious tunes fills us with harmonious feelings, evoking positivity and happiness. We can't help but sing along or raise our hands in celebration when belting out Justice's catchymelodies! A seven star soundtrack filled with justice, tolerance, courage and valor that never fails to bring a heartwarming smile to our faces.

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Ny Excuse
Let There Be Lite



An In Depth Look Into Justice's Songwriting and Production Techniques

Dance-pop duo Justice have quickly risen to fame since the release of their debut album ‘†’ in 2007, and their music has become an ever-present part of our lives. On one hand, their loud and eccentric production style has been celebrated for introducing a unique fusion of rock 'n' roll and synthwave styles that encapsulate the chaos of city life. Yet on another hand, they have also faced criticism for being formulaic in structure and relying too heavily on sounds reminiscent of the 1980s. Though it cannot be denied that there is something recognisable about Justice's sound, their hit songs are evidence that they are anything but stagnant when it comes to creating crowd favourites with some truly memorable hooks! So let's take an in depth look at how detailed songwriting combined with inventive production techniques combine to make this band such a powerhouse within its genre.

Dance-pop duo Justice have captured the hearts of music listeners worldwide with their unique fusion of rock 'n' roll and synthwave styles. Their hit songs have become an ever-present part of our lives, and it's hard not to recognize their distinctive sound. However, their formulaic structure and reliance on 1980s-inspired sounds have also faced criticism from some listeners. Despite this, Justice remains a powerhouse within the genre, and there's no denying that their detailed songwriting and inventive production techniques have contributed to their success. In this blog post, we'll explore how these elements combine to create some truly memorable hooks.

One of Justice's trademarks is their use of distorted guitar riffs and synths. These sounds are often layered on top of each other in a way that creates a chaotic, almost overwhelming effect. For example, the opening track of their debut album ‘†’, Genesis, uses a distorted, fuzzy guitar riff over a frenzied synth line and pounding drums. This pairing of guitar and synths has since become a defining characteristic of their music.

Another aspect of Justice's music that sets them apart is their attention to detail in songwriting. It's easy to think of their songs as simple and repetitive, but a closer listen reveals that each song has its own unique structure. Their song D.A.N.C.E. is a great example of this. There are multiple sections with different melodies and chord progressions, and the song builds to a climax with a children's choir singing the chorus. The song also features a breakdown in the middle, where a distorted voice spells out the letters in D.A.N.C.E. over a stripped-down beat.

Justice's use of sampling has also helped to add an extra layer of depth to their music. They often use samples of old funk, disco, and rock 'n' roll records, re-contextualizing them into their own songs. This creates an interesting dialogue between the past and present and gives their music a sense of history. In Stress, for example, they sample the drums from the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter and use them to drive the song's pounding beat.

In addition to their songwriting and sampling techniques, Justice also put a great deal of effort into their live shows. Their iconic cross logo has become synonymous with their live performances, and their light shows and stage setup are often just as memorable as the music itself. Their shows are a testament to how important it is for Justice to create an immersive experience for their fans.

Justice's music is often described as loud and chaotic, but upon closer inspection, it's clear that there's a lot going on beneath the surface. Their attention to detail in songwriting and production, combined with their inventive use of sampling, has resulted in some truly memorable songs that have become an ever-present part of our lives. While their reliance on 1980s-inspired sounds may have led to criticism about formulaic structure, their music has remained anything but stagnant. Furthermore, their live shows have become an immersive experience for fans, further solidifying their place as one of the most exciting acts in dance-pop. Ultimately, it's their dedication to their craft that sets them apart and cements their place in music history.
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1 - Phantom Pt II
2 - DVNO
3 - Phantom
4 - Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
5 - Stress
6 - Civilization
7 - D.A.N.C.E.
8 - On'n'on
9 - Genesis
10 - Let There Be Light
11 - Waters of Nazareth
12 - One Minute to Midnight
13 - Valentine
14 - Newjack
15 - The Party
16 - Horsepower
17 - New Lands
18 - Helix
19 - Canon
20 - Ohio
21 - Safe And Sound
22 - Brianvision
23 - Parade
24 - Audio, Video, Disco.
25 - Intro
26 - D.a.n.c.e. (mstrkrft Remix)
27 - We Are Your Friends
28 - Fire
29 - Alakazam !
30 - On'n'on - Ruined By Rick Rubin
31 - Dvno (radio Edit)
32 - Stop
33 - Phantom Part 1
34 - Randy
35 - D.a.n.c.e Part 2
36 - Pleasure
37 - Phantom Part 1.5
38 - Carpates
39 - We Are Your Friends (reprise)
40 - Let There Be Lite
41 - Encore
42 - Ny Excuse