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Anna Oxa

Anna Oxa, stage name of Anna Hoxha, (born Iliriana Hoxha in Bari, Italy, 28 April 1961) is an Italian-Albanian singer, actress and television presenter well-known through her numerous appearances in the Italian National Sanremo Music Festival. Oxa, known as "la Voce e il Cuore" (the Voice and the Heart), debuted with a song called "Fiorellin del Prato" at the age of 15.
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1978: ''Oxanna''
1979: ''Anna Oxa'' listen full album
1983: ''Per Sognare Per Cantare Per Ballare''
1984: ''La Mia Corsa'' listen full album
1985: ''Oxa'' listen full album
1986: ''È Tutto Un Attimo''
1988: ''Pensami Per Te'' listen full album
1989: ''Tutti I Brividi Del Mondo''
1992: ''Di Questa Vita'' listen full album
1993: ''Cantautori''
1993: ''Do Di Petto'' listen full album
1994: ''Cantautori 2''
1996: ''Anna Non Si Lascia''
1999: ''Senza Pietà'' listen full album
2001: ''L'eterno Movimento''
2010: ''Proxima''