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Bloc Party

Bloc Party are a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), and Gordon Moakes (bass guitar, synths, backing vocals, glockenspiel). Bloc Party is a lively music career with an artistic flair. Over the past few years, many of their most memorable songs have been in everyone's top faves. Whether dancing the night away, singing in the car, or belting out those catchy lyrics, Bloc Party really knows how to get listeners grooving. There's absolutely no denying how talented they are when it comes to producing equally brilliant and feel good hits. No matter what style they delve into, they continue to create a vibrant and uplifting soundscape. Their best songs will keep livening up our moods every time we hit play!


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2023-11-10 h: 19:30
Red Hill Auditorium
Perth, Australia

HYMNS: Why Bloc Party's Newest Album Leaves Fans in Confusion

If you’re a fan of Bloc Party, prepare to be slightly miffed! As a listener who has heard more than one of their albums (namely Silent Alarm and Four), I can tell you that it's often tough to know what exactly they're trying to achieve with their music. Are they aiming for upbeat, danceable numbers like “Banquet” or are they wanting something slower and more haunting? Who knows! What I can assure you though is this: after listening to the new album HYMNS by Bloc Party, all I could think was 'What were they thinking?!' It seems like some tracks on there made no sense whatsoever. But if anyone would like proof that sometimes releasing an album isn't always such a good idea - look no further than this review of HYMNS!

Bloc Party has always been a band that's hard to pin down. They seem to be constantly experimenting with their sounds and styles on every album they release. As a fan who has followed them since their debut album, Silent Alarm, I was looking forward to hearing their newest album HYMNS. Unfortunately, after listening to it, I couldn't help but feel slightly miffed. In this review, I aim to explain why HYMNS is a misfire, and why its tracks seem to make no sense at all.

The first thing that stands out about HYMNS is its lack of distinctiveness. The signature sound that Bloc Party was once known for is nowhere to be found. HYMNS sounds like an album that was designed to be vague, with no real sense of direction or purpose. It's as if they were trying to be everything to everyone, and in the process, they lost what made them unique in the first place.

Another reason why HYMNS doesn't quite hit the mark is the tracklisting. It’s as if the tracks were thrown together at random, creating a jarring listening experience. The album jumps from upbeat, danceable numbers like The Good News to slower, more haunting songs like Exes. While this approach can work with other artists, in this case, it just seems like they're trying too hard to be eclectic and experimental, resulting in an album that's hard to follow.

The third reason why HYMNS feels like a letdown is the poor execution of the tracks. For instance, the album's title track has a catchy guitar riff, but the execution feels careless and sloppy, making it one of the low points of the album. Similarly, Different Drugs, which starts off promising, never quite reaches its full potential. What we're left with are tracks that sound incomplete and rushed.

But perhaps the biggest reason why HYMNS fails to impress is that the lyrics lack depth and conviction. The album's lyrics lack a clear message, making it hard for listeners to connect with the music. Where Bloc Party's earlier works had lyrics that were raw and unapologetic, HYMNS feels like a step back, with lyrics that are safe and generic.

Overall, HYMNS is not an album that fans of Bloc Party will enjoy. It's an album that lacks direction, cohesion, and originality. While the band should be applauded for trying something different, the end result is disappointing. To those who have yet to check out HYMNS, my advice is to stick with the band's earlier albums and avoid this one. The best thing that Bloc Party can do now is to learn from HYMNS and find a way to recapture the magic of their earlier works.
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1 - Helicopter
2 - Banquet
3 - This Modern Love
4 - Like Eating Glass
5 - Flux
6 - So Here We Are
7 - Hunting For Witches
8 - Blue Light
9 - Ratchet
10 - Positive Tension
11 - Pioneers
12 - The Prayer
13 - I Still Remember
14 - Luno
15 - Plans
16 - Compliments
17 - Signs
18 - Uniform
19 - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
20 - She's Hearing Voices
21 - Kreuzberg
22 - Sunday
23 - On
24 - Where Is Home?
25 - Waiting For The 7.18
26 - Srxt
27 - Mercury
28 - Price Of Gas
29 - One Month Off
30 - Halo
31 - Biko
32 - Ares
33 - Trojan Horse
34 - Better Than Heaven
35 - Little Thoughts
36 - Zephyrus
37 - Ion Square
38 - Two More Years
39 - Talons
40 - Octopus
41 - Banquet (phones Disco Edit)
42 - The Answer
43 - Tulips
44 - Staying Fat
45 - So He Begins To Lie
46 - Truth
47 - The Marshals Are Dead
2016: Hymns
2012: Four
2008: Intimacy


2023-11-10 h: 19:30
Red Hill Auditorium
Perth, Australia
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