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El Gran Combo

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, commonly known as El Gran Combo, is a Puerto Rican salsa orchestra based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[2] Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, it was often considered Puerto Rico's most successful musical group.
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The Incredible Musical Journey of El Gran Combo: A Biography

When we think of Salsa music, it's impossible not to include El Gran Combo in the conversation. This Puerto Rican band is an iconic part of the genre, responsible for some of the most memorable and beloved melodies in Latin America. But how did a group of young musicians manage to achieve such a level of popularity and acclaim? Today, we'll explore the history of El Gran Combo, delving into their beginnings, most famous albums, songs, and sound - a journey that promises to be joyous, informative, and full of music!

El Gran Combo was founded in 1962 by Rafael Ithier, a pianist and arranger who had played in a variety of bands in his home country of Puerto Rico. The group included a rotating cast of musicians, but a few core members formed a basis that endured for decades. Their first album, Menéame los Mangos, featured some of their earliest and most beloved hits, including Vagabundo, El Boogaloo del Perro, and Busca lo Tuyo. The album's boisterous, playful sound was instantly appealing to listeners, and El Gran Combo quickly became one of the most sought-after bands in Puerto Rico.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, El Gran Combo continued to produce hit after hit, building a dedicated fanbase and influencing generations of musicians. The band's sound was deeply rooted in Afro-Caribbean rhythms, drawing from Cuban son, Puerto Rican bomba, and other Latin American styles. They infused these sounds with a sense of joy and celebration, creating music that spoke to people across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Some of their most famous albums from this era include Boogaloo con El Gran Combo, Pata-Pata, Jala-Jala Boogaloo, and El Gran Combo en Navidad.

In the 1980s and 1990s, El Gran Combo continued to evolve their sound, incorporating elements of jazz and funk into their music. They also became more politically conscious, addressing issues such as poverty and social inequality in their lyrics. Despite these changes, their popularity remained high, and they continued to sell out shows across Latin America and the United States. Some of their most famous songs from this era include Achilipu, Como Tiembla el alma, and Azúcar.

El Gran Combo's influence on Latin American music cannot be overstated. They have inspired countless musicians and bands over the years, and their music continues to be a joyful celebration of life. Their legacy is a testament to the power of music to unite people across cultures and languages.

Conclusion: El Gran Combo is a true icon of Latin American music, and their musical biography is a journey filled with passion, creativity, and inspiration. From their beginnings in Puerto Rico to their rise to international fame, this band has created some of the most memorable songs and albums in the history of Salsa. Their sound is a celebration of life, and their influence can be felt in the music of countless artists across the world. We hope that this brief look into their history has piqued your interest and encouraged you to explore their music further. Viva El Gran Combo!
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1 - Brujeria
2 - Ojos Chinos
3 - La Muerte
4 - No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente
5 - Un Verano En Nueva York
6 - Timbalero
7 - Me Libere
8 - La Fiesta De Pilito
9 - Aguacero
10 - Falsaria
11 - Arroz Con Habichuelas
12 - Amame
13 - Vagabundo
14 - Carbonerito
15 - Se Me Fue
16 - Gotas De Lluvia
17 - Milonga Sentimental
18 - La Loma Del Tamarindo
19 - Don Goyo
20 - El Menu
21 - Trampolin
22 - La Salsa De Hoy
23 - Los Zapatos De Manacho
24 - Julia
25 - La Calle Dolor
26 - Mujer Celosa
27 - Caballo Pelotero
28 - Telefono
29 - Viva Puente
30 - Me Liberé
31 - Y No Hago Mas Na'
32 - No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente
33 - Que Me Lo Den En Vida
34 - Azuquita Pa'l Cafe
35 - Dime Que Quieres
36 - Azuquita Pal Cafe
37 - Un Verano En New York
38 - Se Nos Perdio El Amor
39 - Acangana
40 - Esos Ojitos Negros
41 - Brujería
2016: Alunizando
1991: Erupción
1990: En Acción
1989: Amame
1981: Happy Days
1980: Unity
1975: 7
1973: 5
1968: Tangos
1967: Boogaloos
1966: En Navidad
1964: Acángana
1963: De Siempre


2024-03-28 h: 21:00
Montreal, Canada
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