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Excavating the Music of Excavation: A Biography of an Underground Artist
It's always exciting discovering a new artist, especially when their music leaves a lasting impact on you. For me, that artist is Excavation. This underground artist has been creating inspiring work that deserves to be celebrated! I am beyond excited to introduce you to this mesmerizing artist and take you through their musical journey. Get ready to be taken on a ride filled with incredible music, live concerts, and a deep dive into the artist's persona.
When it comes to Excavation's biography, there are some murky waters. It's not entirely clear when they started producing music, but it's evident that the artist has been heavily influenced by the dark and darker side of music genres such as industrial, trip-hop, and post-punk. Their sound is a fusion of these genres, but Excavation's creative flair brings something new to the table. This enigmatic artist's music can be described as dreamy, hypnotic, and hauntingly beautiful, with dark undertones and spellbinding atmosphere.
Excavation's music catalogs contain a lot of fantastic songs, but some tracks stand out. One of the best songs to start with is Hollowed Out Moon from the artist's first album. This song is a masterpiece! Its eerie ambiance and haunting lyrics are carried by low-key rap verses that leave a lasting impression. Another incredible song is A Seedling At Your Feet. Its downtempo beat and echoing vocals showcase the artist's knack for creating a chilling atmosphere. Finally, let's talk about Snow Globe Sky, a song that demonstrates the artist's range and versatility. This song is much more lighthearted but maintains a dark edge that is the signature of all Excavations' music.
Excavation's music has been influenced by a variety of genres, but it is difficult to pin down what makes their sound unique. Excavation fuses dusty trip-hop beats and post-punk guitar riffs, allowing the artist to create a sound that is ethereal and dark. The music's imagery often evokes feelings of vulnerability and despair, but it also captures hope. The sound is poetic, providing a sense of escape for those who hear it and escape into a world that's not real yet relatable.
Excavation's live concerts are something to see! This artist's performances have been held all over the world, and the fans keep coming back for more. The emotion the band exudes during each show is palpable, and the music is hauntingly beautiful. Excavation brings an energy to its audience that is hard to come by. They know how to make each performance special and unique, and their fans recognize that.
In terms of critiques, Excavation is an impressive artist that creates music in a captivating way that could leave you feeling lost. However, for those who are not fond of the dark undercurrents of the artist's genre or the hypnotic pace of the music that can sometimes feel slow, it's likely that they might struggle to appreciate Excavation's work. Yet for fans of the dark and brooding sound in music paired with evocative and poetic lyrics, Excavation hits it out of the park each and every time.
In conclusion, Excavation is a tremendous underground artist who makes captivating music that impacts its audience. Their sound is unique and evokes emotions that are hard to put into words. The haunting atmosphere, hypnotic beats, and spellbinding lyrics create an immersive experience that stays with you long after the music has stopped playing. Excavation's performances are always magical, and their shows are therapeutic. It's not hard to see why their fans keep coming back for more. If you haven't had the chance to listen to their music, do not hesitate to do so; it might just change your life!


1 - Psychotic Possession
2 - Pray for Death
3 - The Prophecy
4 - Damnation
5 - Intro - Psycothic Possession