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Fatima Revne

Fatima Revne is a true passionate r&b singer that puts real emotions into every word of her lyrics. Her love for music has followed her since young age into adulthood, where she has now developed an incredible smooth voice that easily can be put side by side amongst world leading musicians. She came out with her first single "The One" in 2016, where she first got recognized as an artist. In 2018, she released her two other singles "I.L.W.Y" and "On My Mind", and had several performances. Meanwhile in 2019, she released "Feel Good" with the well known producer/DJ, WNDR which has gone viral in within only 2 days and got more response and attention than her previous single.Lately, she dropped her sensual rnb track "Hallucination", a song that seemed to be the crowds favorite atm. She continues to climb up the charts where the name "Fatima Revne" is getting more and more known.
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