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Flat Fifty

Flat Fifty is the apartment n. 50 from Bulgakov novel “The Master and Margarita”, in the novel it’s the place where the devil resides while visiting Moscow. It is a kind of bizarre zone where strange creatures meets...and that's the musical meaning too. The idea comes from Fran, singer and guitar player who is also the main songwriter in the Flat. Born from an opera singer, Fran’s life is a stream of consciousness and she’s the urgencies to narrate it through music; she writes a lot indeed, both because she is a kind of woman of letters and because she is a real misfit. Her musical influences range from eighties to modern Franz Ferdinand alike pop, from some kind of street metal/glam to classic rock, from '70s funky to Kinks garage. Next to her in the Flat’s living room sit: - Doug, who plays weird drum paths in the sign of Roxy Music - Th, a good-mannered rocknrolla playing upside down guitars - Vena, weaving new wave spells on bass - Monica from the sunny valley of ‘80s adding electronic shades Today Flat Fifty result in a peculiar crossover between Franz Ferdinand, The Hives and The Kinks, a garage punk core glazed with pop glitters, a formula someone labeled UltraPoP, some kind of power-pop on steroids. By now the band is trying to export its music all over Europe. They have got a 5-tracks EP called DiscoKills and they are working hard with the help of Steve Brown (The Cult, Dire Straits, Thin Lizzy) as executive producer and music business advisor to get to the next level.
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My Way Back Home


1 - Toxic Love
2 - Misfish
3 - My Way Back Home