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Foetus Art Terrorism

Foetus is a solo musical project of the Australian musician, JG Thirlwell.[1] The project has had many similar names, each including the word "foetus".note The "members" of the project are aliases of Thirlwell; they include Frank Want, Phillip Toss, and Clint Ruin.
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2013: ''Soak''
2010: ''Hide''
2005: ''Love''
2001: ''Flow''
1997: ''Flesh Volcano / Slut''
1997: ''Violent Silence / Flesh Volcano''
1996: ''Null / Void''
1994: ''Gash''
1994: ''Vice Squad Dick''
1988: ''Thaw''
1985: ''Nail''
1984: ''Hole''
1982: ''Ache''
1981: ''Deaf''