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Curve were an English alternative rock and electronica duo from London, formed in 1990 and split in 2005.
Curve – The Mystery and Beauty of Shoegaze
If you’ve heard Curve, you’ve been struck by their beauty and the way they so deftly forge observations of the world with their lyrics about love, sex, yearning, and loss. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Curve is the brainchild of Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday, a terribly underrated partnership that created some of the most powerful and alluring shoegaze music to date. The Curve sound is haunting, and though it has some grunge, electronic, and industrial features, it remains undeniably shoegaze, an ethereal and atmospheric genre that was at its peak in the late 80s and early 90s.
Curve’s music has been called transfixing, probably because the genre they popped up in was characterized by drones, heavily layered guitars, and dream pop-style vocals. Curve added shades of darkness and roughness to shoegaze textures, creating a harder sound that still managed to capture the genre’s carefree spirit. Some of the band’s hits include Horror Head, Fait Accompli, and My Tiled White Floor, with its poetic and melancholic lyrics blending perfectly with the song’s pounding beats.
But what made Curve stand out was the way they mashed up primal percussion and distorted guitar sound with whispery, ghostly vocals that were timeless and even addictive. The tension often felt in Curve’s music is comparable to the uneasy balance between intimacy and detachment in their lyrics. The feeling that permeates through Curve’s sound is one of mystery and beauty mixed with dissonance and noise. Toni’s voice has always been the star, switching between breathy melodies and vicious roars.
One of the band’s most famous concerts was in 1991 when they opened for Depeche Mode and performed to a stadium of 70,000 fans at the Rose Bowl. Their set was dubbed more like a nightmare than a dream by one reviewer, due to its lingering darkness and harshness. The electrifying performance reflected the band’s live grunge that rippled through their studio work.
Critics often indulge themselves on the hypnotic pull of Curve’s experimental work. They’ve been praised for their exploration, diversity, and consistency. But they’ve also been criticized for their often-indecipherable lyrics and their dabbling in multiple genres, which means that they don’t have one sound that they particularly stand for. Despite this, there’s no denying the way Curve has left a lasting mark on shoegaze music, and the way they’ve been a part of that transfixing pop movement.
Curve’s music, like all forms of art, is something to be experienced, not just listened to. If you’re a fan of shoegaze or atmospheric rock, Curve should be on your playlist. They offer a musical journey that is transformative, poignant, and elegiac. Their unique sound and their fearless approach to music-making has earned them a place among the legends of the genre, and it’s about time that that place is recognized. It’s music with a dose of raw power, revealing, enthralling, and always great to hear. Curve deserves your attention – so give them yours.
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The Rise of Curve: A Journey into the Musical Biography of an Underrated Artist

The limitless influences of music allow us to take a glimpse into the world of Curve, an English band that rose to fame in the late '80s and early 90s. Tony Halliday and Dean Garcia created this band that successfully emerged into the shoegaze scene, incorporating alternative rock, electronic, and industrial music. Curve's fusion of genres set them apart from the rest, becoming an influence to many up-and-coming artists. Join us as we embark on their journey and explore the peaks and valleys of their success.

Blog Body: Tony Halliday and Dean Garcia met at the London College of Printing and after joining several bands separately, they decided to give Curve its shape. Curve became the first British band to sign with the American label, DGC Records, and this marked their entrance into the States which brought a new level of success. The band released three albums, Doppelganger, Cuckoo, and Come Clean, each demonstrating their unique style. Their album Doppelganger peaked at number 11 in the UK and received positive reviews from critics, with music magazine NME describing it as like a cyberpunk Never Mind the Bollocks. The album showcased their experimentalism, energy, and anthemic songs like Fait Accompli and Horror Head.

Curve's second album Cuckoo, lacked the assertiveness of Doppelganger but took a more mystical approach. It layered their sound with trip-hop beats and interlaced lyrics. The track Missing Link shows their expert ability to combine cosmic themes with chilling melodies. Their third album Come Clean displayed a more electronic, pop-rock approach which led to hits such as Chinese Burn and Hell Above Water. Come Clean also benefited from the release of the David Lynch film, Lost Highway in 1997. The band's lead single Chinese Burn had its music video directed by Lynch himself. After the band's contract with DGC expired, they went on hiatus and re-emerged in 2001 with the aptly named, Gift. This album brought back their earlier and more rebellious style.

Curve's music tells more than just stories but creates images and feelings that listeners can relate to. Each album showcases their exceptional talent in utilizing different sounds and melodies, encapsulating several genres while maintaining their signature style. Curve's influences range from electronic groups like The Prodigy and Underworld, to rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Sisters of Mercy.

Conclusion: Curve's success was not limited to their chart-topping hits or top-reviewed albums but their ability to create something diverse and authentic. Their music was ahead of its time in incorporating different genres and electronic sounds. Curve returned in 2017 with their first album in eleven years, CuckooLander with the hope that it would create the type of effect that their earlier albums did. Curve deserves a significant place in the dizzying history of British alternative. Their impact on the music industry may not be immediate but it will be forever etched into the hearts of music lovers and is something that generations to come will discover and cherish.
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1 - Chinese Burn
2 - Pink Girl With the Blues
3 - Hell Above Water
4 - Horror Head
5 - Already Yours
6 - Wish You Dead
7 - Lillies Dying
8 - Clipped
9 - Coast Is Clear
10 - Ice That Melts the Tips
11 - Ten Little Girls
12 - Split Into Fractions
13 - Fait Accompli
14 - Sandpit
15 - Coming Up Roses
16 - Doppelgänger
17 - Missing Link
18 - Think & Act
19 - Recovery
20 - Die Like A Dog
21 - Something Familiar
22 - Perish
23 - Alligators Getting Up
24 - Want More Need Less
25 - Frozen
26 - Superblaster
27 - Dirty High
28 - Crystal
29 - Killer Baby
30 - Forgotten Sanity
31 - Dog Bone
32 - Unreadable Communication
33 - Sweetback
34 - Cotton Candy
35 - Beyond Reach
36 - Faît Accompli
37 - Come Clean
38 - Gift
39 - All Of One
40 - Galaxy
41 - Turkey Crossing
42 - Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
43 - Sweetest Pie
44 - Cuckoo
45 - No Escape From Heaven
46 - Left Of Mother
47 - The Colour Hurts
48 - I Speak Your Every Word
2001: Gift
1998: Come Clean
1993: Cuckoo


2024-06-28 h: 19:30
Zhora Darling
Twin Cities, US
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