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Giggs: The Story of the UK's Most Influential MC
Giggs, whose real name is Nathaniel Thompson, has cemented himself as one of the UK's most influential MCs since the late 2000s. The Peckham-born rapper created a unique sound that blends UK rap, grime, and trap into one seamless genre. This fusion has made him stand out from other UK rap artists and has catapulted him to international success. In this article, we'll dive into Giggs's musical biography, his best songs, music genres, famous concerts, and critical reception.
Giggs has been active in the UK rap scene since the mid-2000s, but it wasn't until the release of his debut album, Walk in Da Park, that he started gaining traction. This album received critical acclaim for its gritty, street-inspired lyrics and the raw, hard-hitting beats. He released his second album, Let Em Ave It, in 2010, which introduced a wider audience to his unique sound. This album featured his hit single Look What the Cat Dragged In, which solidified his place in the UK rap scene.
Giggs continued to rise in popularity with the release of his third album, When Will It Stop, in 2013. This album showcased his dark, introspective lyricism, which contrasted the more upbeat tracks found earlier in his career. The album also introduced the world to Talking the Hardest, which is widely considered to be Giggs's breakout hit.
In addition to his solo work, Giggs has collaborated with many notable UK artists, including Skepta, JME, and Stormzy. Most recently, he's collaborated with Drake on the hit single KMT, which has helped him gain even more international exposure.
While Giggs is primarily known for his unique blend of UK rap, grime, and trap, he's also dabbled in other genres throughout his career. His collaboration with Dutch electronic duo Yellow Claw, We Made It, incorporates elements of EDM into his signature sound. Additionally, his track Baby features a more melodic, R&B-inspired sound.
Giggs has played several notable concerts throughout his career, including his sold-out show at London's O2 Academy Brixton in 2018. This show was widely considered to be one of his best performances and a testament to his ability to command a massive crowd.
When it comes to critical reception, Giggs has been a polarizing figure in the UK rap scene. While some praise his unique sound and lyrical ability, others criticize his often violent and graphic lyrics. However, one thing is for sure - Giggs has undoubtedly paved the way for future UK rap artists and helped shape the sound that dominates the genre today.
Giggs's rise to fame has been remarkable, and his unique blend of UK rap, grime, and trap has cemented his place in music history. From his breakout hit Talkin the Hardest to his international success with KMT, his influence on the UK rap scene cannot be overstated. Regardless of what critics may say, there's no denying the impact that Giggs has had on the genre and how his music will continue to inspire future generations of UK rap artists.
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From Self Made to Superstar: The Musical Odyssey of Giggs

If you ask UK hip hop fans to name one of the most influential and authentic rappers of the past two decades, chances are that Giggs will be mentioned. The South London born MC has carved his own path in the music industry, starting from humble beginnings and slowly turning into a bona fide superstar, blending streetwise storytelling with introspection and raw energy. In this article, we'll take a look at the life and career of Giggs, from his early mixtapes to his most famous albums and tracks, highlighting what makes him such a unique performer.

Blog Body: It all started in Peckham, where Nathaniel Thompson grew up and started rapping under the name of Giggs. He first made waves with his Hollowman mixtape series, released independently in 2008, which showcased his gritty, unapologetic style and flow. These tapes created a buzz in the underground scene and helped establish Giggs as an emerging voice of UK rap. However, it wasn't until he released his debut album, Walk in da Park, in 2008 that he gained mainstream recognition, with hits such as Talking the Hardest and Uummm!!.

What sets Giggs apart from other rappers is his ability to reflect on his life experiences while keeping his rhymes sharp and focused. He has often explored themes such as poverty, violence, and fatherhood, while also delving into his own psyche and struggles. His sophomore album, Let Em Ave It (2010), produced by the legendary American producer DJ Premier, is a prime example of this duality, with songs like Don't Go There and Open Up showcasing both his lyrical prowess and his emotional depth.

Giggs' breakout moment arrived with his third album, Landlord (2016), which debuted at No. 2 in the UK charts and cemented his status as a national treasure. The album features a plethora of guest appearances, from Grammy-winning musicians such as Jorja Smith and Popcaan to underground legends such as Jadakiss and Youngs Teflon. The lead single, Whippin' Excursion, is arguably one of the most iconic tracks in Giggs' career, with its infectious hook and menacing beat.

However, it's not just his albums that have solidified Giggs' legacy - his singles and collaborations have also been extremely impactful. Look What the Cat Dragged In (2009), produced by Bless Beats, is a cult classic that blends dancehall vibes with UK grime, while Man Don't Care (2016), featuring legendary MCs Grime and Rude Kid, is a banger that celebrates Giggs' unapologetic attitude. His most recent hit, Baby (2020), produced by the hitmaker Scott Storch and featuring fellow rapper Tiny Boost, is a perfect example of his ability to merge classic hip hop elements with contemporary sounds.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Giggs' musical biography is a testament to the power of determination, authenticity, and creativity. His journey from rapping in his bedroom to performing in arenas across the UK has been a long and winding road, full of obstacles and triumphs. However, through it all, he has remained true to his roots and his vision, carving his own niche in the rap game. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to his discography, Giggs is an artist worth checking out, for his unbridled energy, his introspective lyrics, and his undeniable talent.
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1 - Intro
2 - Hustle On
3 - Monsta Man
4 - Bus Commercial
5 - Get Your Money Up
6 - (is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes
7 - Let Em Ave It
8 - What More Do They Want
9 - Signs
10 - Rap Gustavo
11 - Have It Out
12 - Talking The Hardest (twoface Remix)
13 - Slow Songs
14 - 187
15 - Linguo
16 - Baby
17 - Whippin Excursion
18 - Look What The Cat Dragged In
19 - Talkin The Hardest
20 - Lock Doh
21 - Hallelujah (feat. Lojay)
22 - Homage


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