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Exploring The Musical Journey of Scarlxrd: From Rap to Heavy Metal
In the world of music, there are different genres and artists that cater to different moods of the listeners. One of such artists is Scarlxrd, a British rapper, and singer who has blended rap, metal, and trap music. With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Scarlxrd has impacted the music industry. In this blog post, we will explore his musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic.
Biography: Scarlxrd's real name is Marius Listhrop. He was born in the UK on June 19th, 1994, and raised in the town of Wolverhampton. In 2016, he started his music career but changed his style in 2017 after wearing a surgical mask and adopting screamo vocals. This change gave him a unique style that blends trap and heavy metal in his music. He has since released several successful albums like DXXM, Chaxsthexry, Infinity, and IMMXRTALISAXN.
Music Genre: Scarlxrd's music genre can be described as a blend of heavy metal, trap music, and rap. His music is usually laced with dark lyrics and high energy screams with a blend of trap beats and electric guitar riffs. His screams and aggressive delivery are part of the screamo genre, making his music unique.
Best Songs: Scarlxrd has a lot of great songs to his name. Some of his most notable songs include 6 Feet, Heart Attack, A Braindead Civilisatixn, King, Scar, and Deathpunch. These songs have a unique vibe that showcases his music genre and style. It is easy to understand why many fans love his work.
Concerts: Scarlxrd has been active in the music industry since 2017. He has performed at different concerts in the UK, Europe, and the US. One of his most recognized concerts is the DXXM II Tour in 2018, where he performed at the Electric Ballroom in London. His electrifying performances are remarkable, and many fans cherish the experience of watching him perform live.
Critics: Music critics have had diverse opinions about Scarlxrd's music. Some appreciate his unique blend of genres and the energy he brings to his music, while others struggle to understand his lyrics and delivery. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Scarlxrd's music is unique and has captured the heart of many music lovers.
In conclusion, Scarlxrd's journey in the music industry is quite notable. His unique blend of genres, energetic delivery, and dark lyrics have endeared him to many music lovers. His success is an indication that creativity pays off, and it is possible to break the norms to create something different. If you are a fan of rap, trap music, or heavy metal, Scarlxrd's music is worth listening to. You can enjoy his music on different platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.
1 - Lies Yxu Tell [prod. Muppy]
2 - The Purge [prod. Rvff Fvrgo]
3 - 6 Feet [prod. Muppy]
4 - Deathpunch [prod. Khaed]
5 - Heart Attack [prod. Jvcxb]
6 - King, Scar. [prod. Gryfon]
7 - Chain$aw [prod. Night Grind]
8 - Imnxtamess [prod. Downtime]
9 - Glx Up
10 - Rage Quit
11 - P.t.s.d
12 - Girlfriend
13 - Nx Advice
14 - Nx Ice
15 - Burns
16 - Backwards
17 - Apxcalypse
18 - Haunted
19 - Immaculate Shame
20 - Rip$aw.
21 - Ffs Freestyle.
22 - I Can Dx What I Want
23 - Let The Wxrld Burn
24 - Puncture
25 - Pieces Xf Shit
26 - Prisxn Planet Earth
27 - Perfect.
28 - Red Light
29 - Yxu Make Me Sick
30 - Nx Pressure
31 - Gin Shxt
32 - Angels Sleep At Fxur/am
33 - Ask
34 - Gxing The Distance
35 - Sx Sad
36 - Gxld
37 - Bands
38 - Stfu
39 - Up. Up. Up.
40 - Chxke
41 - I Want Tx See Yxu Bleed
42 - A Braindead Civilisatixn
43 - We Waste Time Faded
44 - Hxw They Judge
45 - Hell Is Xn Earth
46 - Bxiling Pxint
47 - Head Gxne
48 - Living Legend
49 - Berzerk