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IDER: The electro-pop duo mesmerizing music lovers with their soulful tunes
Good music can transport us to a euphoric dreamland where all worries drift away. One such musical gem that has been catching the ear of many is IDER – a British electro-pop duo comprising of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. They have been drawing fans with their soulful lyrics, relatable themes, and unique music style. In this blog, we’ll explore IDER's musical biography, genre, and best songs, concluding with a review of their live concert.
IDER, formed in 2016, is the result of an epic friendship that blossomed into a musical partnership. They describe their music as a form of therapy that helps them express their inner emotions and heal. IDER is known for blending different music genres like electro, pop, and alternative, creating their distinct style. Their music focuses on themes of self-love, heartbreak, and self-reliance. They released their debut album Emotional Education in 2019, which won them rave reviews.
IDER's musical genre may be hard to pin down, but their sound is captivating. Their music is filled with rich harmonies, haunting melodies, and exceptional vocal range. Their vocals ooze raw emotion and vulnerability, speaking to listeners on a deep level. Some of their best tracks include Clinging to the Weekend, You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby, and Body Love.
One of their most memorable and famous live concerts took place in London in 2019. As part of the Liberties Music & Arts Festival, they performed at the Tivoli Theatre. They delivered an incredible performance filled with engaging stage presence and powerful vocals that mesmerized the audience. True to form, they connected with their fans and turned the stage into a personal tribute to their roots.
Critics have been equally impressed with IDER's work. They have praised their music for capturing the zeitgeist of modern life. Their music delves into the universal human experience, making their songs universal. They blend synthetic and organic sounds flawlessly, creating an immersive and lush soundscape. It's a testament to their talent that they have gained a large following of devoted fans worldwide.
In conclusion, IDER is a musical force to be reckoned with. They've carved out their unique space, mixing genres, and creating a sound that draws in fans worldwide. Their lyrics are touching, resonating with listeners by tapping into the depth of human experience. They have brought a new layer of depth to the electro-pop genre, leaving a lasting impression. Whether on-stage or on Spotify, IDER is a band that deserves your attention.


1 - You've Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby
2 - Mirror
3 - Pulse
4 - Body Love
5 - Brown Sugar
6 - Learn To Let Go
7 - Saddest Generation
8 - King Ruby
9 - Wu Baby
10 - Million
11 - Nevermind
12 - Busy Being A Rockstar
13 - Invincible
14 - Gmlaa
15 - Clinging To The Weekend
16 - Swim
17 - Slide
18 - Kiss It Better - Mahogany Sessions
19 - Saddest Generation - Mahogany Sessions
20 - Mirror (honors Remix)
21 - Cbb To B Sad