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Mac DeMarco


Mac DeMarco - The Quirky King of Indie Rock
Indie rock music has been around for decades, and it has always found its audience in people who are looking for something different from the mainstream. This genre is all about experimentation, quirkiness, and individuality. One such artist who embodies this spirit is Mac DeMarco. For those unfamiliar with this Canadian songwriter, this blog post is the perfect place to start. In this article, we will dive deep into his musical biography, discuss his best work, explore his music genre, and review some of his famous concerts. So sit back, relax, and let's dive in!
Mac DeMarco was born in 1990 in British Columbia. He started his musical career in 2008, working as a guitarist for different bands. Starting in 2009, he began releasing his music through Myspace, which was an early social networking site. His particular brand of psychedelic lo-fi music quickly gained a cult following, which led to the release of his debut album, Rock and Roll Night Club, in 2012. It was followed by the critically acclaimed 2 the same year and Salad Days in 2014, which became a massive commercial and critical success.
DeMarco's music genre is somewhere between indie rock, jangle pop, and psychedelic rock. He is known for his lo-fi sound, laid-back melodies, and experimental takes on songwriting, which make him stand out in a crowded field of indie rockers. His songs often have a melancholy and nostalgic feel to them, with themes ranging from love and longing to his mother's death.
One of the best things about Mac DeMarco is that he never takes himself too seriously. This quirkiness is evident in his music videos, which often feature him in tongue-in-cheek situations. But when it comes to his music, he's a true artist. DeMarco has a unique perspective on songwriting and composition, which is hard to come by. His music is relatable, emotional, and authentic.
When it comes to his best work, the list is long. Some of his most popular songs include Freaking Out the Neighborhood, Chamber of Reflection, Ode to Viceroy, Salad Days, and Still Together. Each song shows a different side of DeMarco's personality and musical style. These songs are a great starting point for someone new to his music.
One of the most memorable performances by Mac DeMarco was at Coachella in 2015. He played his song Together when his bandmate came onstage in a wedding dress, followed by DeMarco with a veil, both holding a bouquet of flowers. They got down on one knee and playfully pretended to propose to each other. It was a fun moment that summed up what makes Mac DeMarco so special: his playful yet authentic approach to music.
Mac DeMarco is a unique artist who has carved out a niche for himself in the indie rock world. His music has won the hearts of many people who are looking for something that's different from the mainstream. He has a distinctive personality, quirky music style, authentic lyrics, and a live performance style that is not to be missed. It's no wonder that he's gained a massive following of dedicated fans. If you haven't given Mac DeMarco a listen yet, now is the perfect time to do so!
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Discovering the Musical Journey of Mac DeMarco

One of the most unique and captivating voices in the modern indie rock scene is the one and only Mac DeMarco. With his signature laid-back style and his unmistakable, dreamy sound, Mac has become the favorite of many music listeners around the world. Throughout his career, Mac has produced a plethora of hit songs and albums, and his style continues to evolve, making him one of the most intriguing artists of our time. In this article, we will explore the musical biography of Mac DeMarco, from his humble beginnings to his most iconic works.

Mac DeMarco was born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, in 1990. Mac's musical influences range from classic rock legends such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to modern indie rock bands such as Franklin Delano and Uncle Jazz. In 2008, Mac moved to Montreal to study music, and it was there that he formed his first band, Makeout Videotape. Mac recorded his first album, Rock and Roll Night Club, in his apartment in 2012, and it was received with great enthusiasm by the public. The album bore witness to Mac's unconventional approach to songwriting and production style, which was grounded in raw, lo-fi sound.

In 2014, Mac released his most famous album to date, Salad Days. The album had a more polished sound than its predecessor and showcased Mac's growth as a songwriter and musician, receiving critical acclaim across the board. Singles like Brother and Salad Days are still staples of modern rock playlists today, and the album was a turning point in Mac's career. Over the years, Mac has released a variety of other albums, including Another One, This Old Dog, and Here Comes the Cowboy.

Mac's musical style is characterized by a laid-back, dreamy sound that's both original and relaxing to listen to. His songs are full of dry humor and self-deprecating wit, and his lyrics often tackle themes such as love, heartbreak, and growing up. Mac is also known for his unique approach to music videos, which often are simple and fun, yet memorable.

Some of Mac's most famous songs include Ode to Viceroy, Chamber of Reflection, The Stars Keep Calling My Name, and My Kind of Woman. Each of these tracks is an embodiment of Mac's distinct style, and they've earned him a fanbase that continues to grow with each passing year. Mac's music appeals to a wide variety of music listeners, from teens to older generations, making him one of the most approachable modern music icons.

Mac DeMarco's musical biography is a journey that proves the power of raw talent and originality. He's proven that a DIY mentality and an unconventional approach can take artists to great places, and his music showcases a style that's both authentic and approachable. Mac's style continues to evolve with each new release, promising an exciting future filled with more captivating music. For all these reasons, discovering the musical world of Mac DeMarco is an experience not to be missed and one that will certainly captivate any music lover's attention.
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1 - Chamber Of Reflection
2 - Ode To Viceroy
3 - My Kind Of Woman
4 - Blue Boy
5 - Freaking Out The Neighborhood
6 - Brother
7 - Let Her Go
8 - Passing Out Pieces
9 - Goodbye Weekend
10 - Let My Baby Stay
11 - Treat Her Better
12 - Dreaming
13 - Go Easy
14 - Annie
15 - Still Together
16 - Robson Girl
17 - The Way You'd Love Her
18 - The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
19 - Sherrill
20 - Boe Zaah
21 - My Old Man
22 - Still Beating
23 - On The Level
24 - No Other Heart
25 - For The First Time
26 - One More Love Song
27 - A Heart Like Hers
28 - Only You
29 - She's Really All I Need
30 - Without Me
31 - Just To Put Me Down
32 - One Another
33 - Baby You're Out
34 - A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
35 - One More Tear To Cry
36 - European Vegas
37 - Sister
38 - Moonlight On The River
39 - Dreams From Yesterday
40 - My House By The Water
41 - Nobody
42 - I'm A Man
43 - All Of Our Yesterdays
44 - I've Been Waiting For Her
45 - Baby You're Out
46 - Rock And Roll Night Club
47 - Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
48 - Jonny's Odyssey
49 - Another One
50 - This Old Dog
51 - Cooking Up Something Good
52 - Salad Days
53 - Watching Him Fade Away
54 - Heart To Heart
55 - Preoccupied
56 - Another (demo) One #2
57 - Pepperoni Playboy
2014: Salad Days
2012: 2


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