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L Subramaniam

Pandit Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam (born 23 July 1947) is an acclaimed Indian violinist, composer and conductor, trained in the classical Carnatic music tradition and Western classical music, and renowned for his virtuoso playing techniques and compositions in orchestral fusion.
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2008: ''Tala Vadya''
2007: ''Meetings''
2001: ''Sangeet Sangam, Volume 2''
2000: ''The Southern Sky''
1999: ''From the Ashes''
1999: ''Global Fusion''
1996: ''Duet''
1991: ''Expressions of Impressions''
1991: ''Spanish Wave''
1988: ''Karnatic Violin''
1983: ''India's Master Musicians''
''L.Subramaniam en Concert''
''Masters of Raga: Shree Priya''
''The Irresistible Dr. L. Subramaniam''