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Marillion /məˈrɪliən/ are a British rock band, formed in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in 1979. They emerged from the post-punk music scene in Britain and existed as a bridge between the styles of punk rock and classic progressive rock,[5] becoming the premier neo-progressive rock band of the 1980s.
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2012: ''Sounds That Can’t Be Made''
2009: ''Less Is More''
2008: ''Happiness Is the Road''
2007: ''Somewhere Else''
2004: ''Marbles''
2001: ''Anoraknophobia''
1999: ''marillion.com''
1998: ''Radiation''
1997: ''This Strange Engine'' listen full album
1995: ''Afraid of Sunlight''
1994: ''Brave''
1991: ''Holidays in Eden''
1989: ''Seasons End''
1987: ''Clutching at Straws''
1985: ''Misplaced Childhood''
1984: ''Fugazi''
1983: ''Script for a Jester’s Tear''