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Papa Levi

Papa Levi is an accomplished artist renowned for his unique spin on musical history. His repertoire of released songs and albums have all been met with awe, establishing him as one of the biggest talents to have graced the music scene in years. Revered for his creative approach and knack for crafting exquisite soundscapes, Papa Levi has steadily developed a library reflecting his impeccable mastering of genres ranging from rock and soul to R&B and trap. His most popular tracks and records such as “Believer” and “Instincts” carry a monumental significance that's catapulted his musical career forward to new levels.
Exploring the Musical Genius of Papa Levi
If you are a music lover and looking to explore new artists or styles, then you must check out the musical genius of Papa Levi. With a career spanning over three decades, Papa Levi has created an extraordinary legacy in the genre of reggae and dancehall music. His unique blend of captivating music and powerful lyrics has made him a legend in the music industry.
Musical Biography: Papa Levi, also known as the pioneer of British MCs, was born in London, UK. He emerged in the early 1980s, when reggae music was gaining widespread popularity in the UK. With his unique style of sound system DJing, he quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. His debut album, Mi God Mi King, released in 1984, became a hit and established him as a leading artist in the reggae and dancehall genre.
Music Genre: Papa Levi is best known for his contributions to reggae and dancehall music. His unique style of MCing, which blended soulful reggae beats with powerful rap lyrics, was a game-changer in the industry. He continues to inspire upcoming artists with his blend of music and his distinctive sound.
Best Songs: Papa Levi's remarkable career produced many hits, but some of his best tracks include Mi God Mi King, Jump, and Dancehall Style. Mi God Mi King remains a classic and a fan favorite, while Jump is a high-energy track that never fails to get the crowd dancing. Dancehall Style is another classic, with its addictive beat and catchy lyrics.
Famous Concerts: Papa Levi has performed in some of the most iconic music venues around the world. He has also participated in several music festivals, including the Notting Hill Carnival in London. His electrifying performances are legendary and continue to attract fans from all over the world.
Critic: Papa Levi's music has been critically acclaimed for its powerful lyrics and captivating beats. His music is often described as a fusion of reggae and street poetry, which creates a unique listening experience. His contribution to the reggae and dancehall genre is unparalleled, and he remains an inspiration to many artists in the industry.
Papa Levi is an artist whose music transcends time, and his legacy as one of the pioneers of British MCs is undeniable. His creative genius and inspiring music will continue to inspire new generations of artists. If you are a fan of reggae and dancehall music, then you must add Papa Levi's music to your playlist. With his unique sound and powerful lyrics, you won't be disappointed. It’s time to groove to the beats of Papa Levi’s extraordinary musical talent.


1 - My God, My King
2 - Speed Rappin (Marcus Visionary Remix)
3 - Inna Mi Yard
4 - Dem A Chat
5 - Speed Rappin
6 - Narcotic
7 - War
8 - What if
9 - Speed Rap
10 - Fire
11 - My God My King
12 - Mi God Mi King
13 - Ackle & Bother
14 - Back To Basics
15 - Trouble In Africa