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Pnau is an Australian dance music duo originating from Sydney, Australia. The duo consists of musicians Nick Littlemore (vocals, production) and Peter Mayes (guitar, production).

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You Know What I Need
Save Disco
Donnie Donnie Darko



Pnau: A Controversial Love Letter to the Australian Electronic Music Duo

Since their beginnings in the early 2000s, Australian dance music duo Pnau have been at the forefront of electronic music. Their sound has been constantly evolving and continuously breaking boundaries with a unique blend of indie, pop and electronica. On one hand, some critics argue that their style is too repetitive and formulaic–crystallized by songs like “Embrace” or “Go Bang?and lacks originality; but on the other hand they have also received many accolades for combining diverse sounds with strong production to create uplifting anthems. Regardless of opinion it cannot be denied that Pnau have created some unforgettable tracks and a massive fan base, helping define Australia’s premier summer festival season over the years. In this blog post we will explore why Pnau remains both beloved (by fans) yet controversial (to critics).

Electronic music has taken over the dance scene since the 2000s, but one of the most prominent Australian duos, Pnau, has remained a topic of debate amongst music critics worldwide. Some say they lack originality, while their fans swear by their unique blend of indie, pop, and electronica. In this blog, we will delve deeper and try to decipher why Pnau has become both loved and controversial in the world of electronic music.

When it comes to Pnau, critics can't ignore their repetitive sound, particularly in songs like Embrace and Go Bang. Critics may complain about a lack of originality, but the duo's fans can't get enough of their mix of indie, pop, and electronica. The upbeat tempo and uplifting melodies make their tracks instant summer anthems, leaving fans wanting more from their dynamic performances and unique sound.

Pnau has served as a significant player in Australia's summer festival season, with their energy-packed, party-ready tracks. Their presence on stage is undeniable, and their sound gets everyone dancing. They have a knack for balancing obscure lyrics with upbeat music, making it easy for listeners to lose themselves in the music and feel a sense of freedom and happiness.

In 2017, Pnau released a new album, Changa, which redefined their sound and elevated their status in the electronic music scene. It showcased the duo's versatility in crafting music, from experimental tracks to more traditional dance tunes. Changa was a grand slam, earning them praise from music critics and fans alike. They even garnered Album of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards.

The reason for Pnau's success lies in their dynamic musical approach and collaborations with other artists. By infusing their sound with unexpected genres, they allow for a diverse listening experience, whether it be baby-making music or feeling inspired to shake off any negativity. They don't shy away from taking risks with their music and performances, creating unique experiences for their listeners, a rare treat today.

Music critics may continue to debate Pnau's originality but cannot deny their dynamic and evolution of sounds over the years. Their fans love their music and dance-ready tracks that make any atmosphere lively and fun, from festivals to clubs worldwide. Pnau continues to take risks, break molds, and conquer the electronic music scene with their infectious sound. So we say to the critics, give Pnau another listen, and we guarantee the tunes will stick with you.
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1 - Embrace
2 - With You Forever
3 - Solid Ground
4 - Wild Strawberries
5 - Baby
6 - Come Together
7 - Lover
8 - Shock To My System
9 - The Last Track
10 - We Have Tomorrow
11 - Dancing On The Water
12 - No More Violence
13 - Freedom
14 - Changes
15 - Die With Us
16 - Unite Us
17 - Baby (Breakbot Remix)
18 - The Truth
19 - Go Bang
20 - Chameleon
21 - Solid Gold
22 - Changa - Blanke Remix
23 - Everybody
24 - Lucky
25 - Changa
26 - Twist Of Fate
27 - All Of Us
28 - With You Forever (dirty South Remix)
29 - We Love The Fresh Kills
30 - In My Head
31 - Epic Fail
32 - Better Way
33 - Again
34 - Glimpse
35 - Super Giants
36 - Something Special
37 - Into The Sky
38 - Young Melody
39 - Waiting For You
40 - In The Valley
41 - Bloodlust
42 - River
43 - Lovers
44 - Donnie Donnie Darko
45 - Save Disco
46 - You Know What I Need
2017: Changa
2007: PNAU
2003: Again
1999: Sambanova