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Ray Anthony (born January 20, 1922) is an American bandleader, trumpeter, songwriter and actor. Ray Anthony is a prolific artist whose influence and work has had major reverberations in music history. Dubbed the 'Conductor of Cool' by many, Ray Anthony's unique blend of big band jazz and pop ballads earned him great renown. Many fans and critics widely regard his albums Stardust and The Dream Schemes as some of the best works in the genre. He was among a handful leading lights who brought jazz back to popular attention in the 1950s, resulting in enduring classics like Song Of Surrender or Mama Look A Boo Boo. Indeed, it's safe to say few discographies have stood the test of time quite like Ray Anthony's!
Celebrating the Timeless Music of Ray Anthony
The world of music has a plethora of talented artists who have contributed to this art form in their unique ways. One such legendary artist who has made a mark in the music industry is Ray Anthony, a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader whose music is still cherished by millions. Though Ray Anthony has been a part of the music industry for over six decades, his music still resonates with listeners even today. In this blog post, let's take a closer look at his musical biography, explore his best songs, music genres, and relive some of the famous concerts he delivered.
Ray Anthony was born on January 20, 1922, and began his music career at a young age of 16. Ray Anthony's trumpet skills were beyond amazing, and he soon formed his own band, the Ray Anthony Band. He has composed, arranged, and played with some of the finest musicians of his time. His music is a blend of different genres, including jazz, pop, and swing. Some of his best songs include Harbor Lights, Mambo Hop, At Last, and The Hokey Pokey.
Ray Anthony's music has influenced a range of other artists including Elvis Presley, who used to perform his hit song Blue Moon of Kentucky, which was originally recorded by Ray. His music has been featured in several popular movies, including The Girl Can't Help It, The Five Pennies, and Underwater. He has several best-selling albums, including Wonderful World, I Remember Glenn Miller, and Great Hits From Stage & Screen.
As a performer, Ray Anthony was known for his charisma and showmanship. Some of his most famous concerts include the ones at the Hippodrome in New York and the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in California. In 1953, he was invited to perform at the White House for President Eisenhower and the first lady, which was a significant achievement for any musician.
Though Ray Anthony's music has been a part of the music industry for over six decades, his fan following is still intact, and his music is relevant to this day. His unique blend of jazz, pop, and swing is what sets him apart from other musicians. His music has been celebrated even by critics, who have regularly praised the quality of his compositions.
In conclusion, Ray Anthony was a legendary musician whose music has left an indelible mark in the music industry. His unique style of music and his charisma as a performer helped him carve a niche for himself in the music world. His music has influenced countless musicians of his time and continues to inspire and touch the hearts of listeners even today. May his music continue to resonate and uplift people for generations to come.
1 - Dragnet
2 - Christmas Kisses
3 - Samba De Orfeu
4 - Day By Day
5 - You Do Something to Me
6 - Laura
7 - Where Am I
8 - Peter Gunn
9 - At Last
10 - Rock
11 - Where or When
12 - A Marshmallow World
13 - Hokey Pokey
14 - Peter Gunn Theme
15 - September Song
16 - Peter Gunn Twist Tequila With A Twist
17 - A Dreamer's Holiday
18 - The Bunny Hop
19 - Stars Fell On Alabama
20 - I Don't Know Why (i Just Do)
21 - Adios