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Revolting Cocks


Revolting Cocks, also known as RevCo, was an American–Belgian industrial rock band and sometime supergroup that began as a musical side-project for Richard 23 of Front 242, Luc Van Acker, and Al Jourgensen of Ministry.
Revolting Cocks - A Pioneering Fusion of Industrial, Punk, and Electronic Music
If you're a fan of experimental music that pushes boundaries, then the Revolting Cocks are an artist worth exploring. Formed in 1984 by founding members Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, and Al Jourgensen, this band is synonymous with industrial music and a genre-bending fusion of punk and electronic music. From their early days of chaos and controversy to their more recent hits, the Revolting Cocks have a rich musical biography that is worth diving into.
The Revolting Cocks was born out of Chicago's intense industrial scene in the mid-80s. Jourgensen's Ministry, who already had a cult following, decided to team up with fellow industrialists Richard 23 and Luc Van Acker to create a supergroup of sorts. Together, they produced dark, humorous, and at times, repulsive music that stood out from the crowd. Their debut album, Big Sexy Land, released in 1986, was a commercial success, propelling the band into a newfound fame.
When it comes to the Revolting Cocks' music, describing its genre can be challenging. Their sound is a blend of industrial, punk, and electronic elements that make them pioneers of a new sound. Tracks like Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? and Stainless Steel Providers feature distorted guitar riffs, synthesized beats, and crude lyrics that showcase the band's experimental nature. Their music often addresses taboo topics, with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor, such as their song Beers, Steers, and Queers.
One of the group's most famous concerts was their performance at the Wax Trax! Records' Retrospectacle concert in 1992. The show took place at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and featured various Wax Trax! bands, including the Revolting Cocks. The event marked a significant moment in the industrial scene; it showcased the genre's vast diversity and its role in shaping the musical landscape.
When talking about the Revolting Cocks' best songs, it's easy to pick up different tracks for different reasons. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? is probably their most famous song, with a catchy hook that is easy to sing along with. Stainless Steel Providers, with its raw industrial sound, is a classic that showcases what the band is all about. Mr. Lucky is a fan favorite, with its danceable beat, and Attack Ships on Fire is a cover of the classic Iggy Pop tune.
As with any famous band, the Revolting Cocks have garnered their fair share of criticism. Some critics argue that their music is too vulgar and lacking in depth. Their crude lyrics and controversial stage antics have also raised eyebrows, with some accusing them of being overly gimmicky. Still, it's hard to deny the impact the band has had on the industrial and experimental music scenes. They pioneered a unique sound that has inspired countless artists to follow suit.
The Revolting Cocks are an artist that embodies experimental music's spirit, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Their music stands the test of time, blending punk, industrial, and electronic genres in a way that still feels innovative today. Their controversial aesthetic and crude humor have made them polarizing, yet their contributions to music history cannot be denied. If you're looking to explore something new, the Revolting Cocks are worth checking out.
1 - Sergio
2 - Stainless Steel Providers
3 - Attack Ships on Fire
4 - In the Neck
5 - Crackin' Up
6 - (Let's Get) Physical
7 - No Devotion
8 - Fire Engine
9 - Creep
10 - Gila Copter
11 - 38
12 - Mr. Lucky
13 - We Shall Cleanse the World
14 - Prune Tang
15 - Devil Cock
16 - Dirt
17 - Get Down
18 - Pole Grinder
19 - Something Wonderful
20 - Crackin' Up
21 - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
22 - Beers, Steers & Queers
23 - Can't Sit Still
24 - Razor's Edge
25 - Dead End Streets
26 - Revolting Cock Au Lait
27 - The Rockabye
28 - Butcher Flower's Woman
29 - Jack In The Crack
30 - Viagra Culture
31 - Tv Mind
32 - Linger Ficken' Good
33 - Wizard Of Sextown
34 - You Often Forget (malignant)
35 - Caliente (dark Entries)
36 - Me So Horny
37 - Ten Million Ways To Die
38 - Hookerbot3000
39 - Keys To The City (vegas Mix)
40 - Cousins
41 - Red Parrot
42 - Union Carbide (west Virginia)
43 - Cattle Grind
44 - Touch Screen
45 - Big Sexy Land
46 - Abundant Redundancy
47 - Trojan Horse