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Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails, commonly abbreviated as NIN and stylized as NIИ, are an American industrial rock band formed in Cleveland in 1988. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Trent Reznor was the only permanent member of the band until his frequent collaborator, Atticus Ross, joined in 2016.
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Less Than
Find My Way (oneohtrix Point Never Remix)


Best songs of Nine Inch Nails - the 10 best songs of the artist

1. - Discipline
2. - Physical
3. - Head Like A Hole
4. - The Day the World Went Away
5. - Every Day Is Exactly the Same
6. - Starsuckers, Inc.
7. - Happiness in Slavery
8. - Into the Void
9. - Capital G
10. - Hurt
2013: ''Hesitation Marks'' listen full album
2008: ''Ghosts I–IV''
2008: ''The Slip'' listen full album
2007: ''Year Zero'' listen full album
2005: ''With Teeth'' listen full album
1999: ''The Fragile'' listen full album
1998: ''Pretty Hate Machine Sessions''
1994: ''The Downward Spiral'' listen full album
1989: ''Pretty Hate Machine'' listen full album
''NIN 2013 Festival Rehearsals''