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Rocco Hunt


Get to know Rocco Hunt, the Italian rapper who changed the game
Few artists have managed to change the music game as quickly as Rocco Hunt. With his unique blend of rap, reggae, and traditional Italian sounds, Hunt has taken the music industry by storm. His mix of political messages and relatable lyrics has captured the hearts of music fans all over the world. And with his unmistakable voice and stunning visuals, he has become a true force to be reckoned with in the industry.
Rocco Hunt was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1994. His upbringing was influenced by the local music scene, and he quickly developed a passion for rap. He began performing at local clubs and events, and soon gained a reputation for his powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics. His music was a blend of reggae rhythms and traditional Italian melodies, which gave it a unique sound that captured the attention of fans and critics alike.
Rocco Hunt's breakthrough came in 2013, when he released his single Nu juorno buono. The song topped the charts in Italy, and soon became an international hit. The song's message of hope and determination struck a chord with audiences all over the world, and helped to establish Rocco Hunt as a major force in the music world. Since then, he has released several hit albums and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry.
One of Rocco Hunt's best-known songs is Nun C’è Lavoro, which is a commentary on the lack of work opportunities in Italy. The song's biting lyrics were a stark reminder of the struggles faced by young people in the country, and helped to bring attention to an important social issue. Another hit song is Wake Up, which deals with the theme of mental health and speaks about the difficulties in finding someone with whom you can personally relate to. These two songs were honestly pretty great and are worth giving a listen to.
Rocco Hunt's music style is a blend of rap, reggae, and traditional Italian sounds. His songs often contain political messages that are related to the struggles of young people. His sound is fresh, exciting, and unique. His unique style of music comes from a variety of influences. He has cited artists such as Kool G Rap, Jay Z, and the Wu-Tang Clan as influences on his music. He has also credited traditional Italian singers such as Fabrizio De André as an influence on his sound.
Rocco Hunt has also been involved in a number of high-profile concerts, such as the 2018 concert held in Rome at the Fori Imperiali connecting with the theme of integration, peace and justice. Where over 800 000 people attended including in person and via live streaming. In this concert, Rocco performed a lively rendition of some of his best-known hits, and was given a standing ovation by the crowd. His presence was felt throughout the event, and his unique blend of musical styles helped to make it a truly unforgettable experience.
From his humble beginnings in Salerno, to his position as a global superstar, Rocco Hunt has come a long way. His music has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, and his unique blend of rap, reggae, and traditional Italian sounds have helped to establish him as an important voice in the music industry. His songs contain messages of hope, determination, and social change, and his presence on stage is electric. If you haven't listened to his music yet, it's time to give it a try.
1 - Nu Juorno Buono
2 - Vieni Con Me
3 - L'ammore Overo
4 - Tutto Resta
5 - Fammi Vivere
6 - Giovane Disorientato
7 - Io Posso
8 - Na Vota Ancora
9 - Ultimo Viaggio
10 - Happy Meal
11 - Replay
12 - Atleti
13 - Non Rimpiango Niente
14 - Wake Up
15 - Ho Scelto Me
16 - Capocannonieri
17 - Ce Magnamm
18 - Senza Chances
19 - Credi
20 - Come Una Cometa
21 - Devo Parlare
22 - Rh Staff
23 - Stella cadente ft. Annalisa
24 - Tutte'e Parole
25 - Vene E Vvà
26 - Fammi Scendere
27 - Se Mi Chiami Ft. Neffa
28 - Cuore Rotto
29 - Nicola Siciliano - Ngopp' A Luna
30 - Nu Brutto Suonno Ft Luche
31 - Feat Clementino - O' Mar 'e O' Sole (prod.fabio Musta)
32 - O Post Mij
33 - Benvenuti In Italy (national Song Euro U21)
34 - Ti Volevo Dedicare (feat. J-ax & Boomdabash)
35 - L'ammore Overo
36 - Nisciun' (feat. Geolier)
37 - Benvenuti In Italy
38 - Buonanotte Amò
39 - Mai Più (feat. Achille Lauro)
40 - Se Tornerai (feat. Neffa)
41 - Cuore Rotto (feat. Gemitaiz & Speranza) - Nfam' Version
42 - A' Voce De Guagliune
43 - Nun Se Ne Va
44 - Maledetto Sud (feat. Clementino)
45 - Caramello
46 - Un Bacio All'improvviso
47 - A Un Passo Dalla Luna
48 - Non Litighiamo Piu'
2019: Libertà
2015: Signorhunt
2014: 'a Verità
2014: 'a Verità