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Rustie (born Russell Whyte) is a Scottish musician from Glasgow. Rustie, the artist, has made a great impact on the music industry. With captivating sounds and memorable compositions, their unique sound has been imprinted in musical history. Rustie's song catalogue includes countless hits that fans know and love. Some of their best songs include "Attak ft. Danny Brown" from Green Language and "Big Catzz" from Evenifailly. Every album is just as impressive as the next with classics like Glass Swords and Big Smokey Jawnz remaining fan favorites for years after they were released.

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Dog Mask



Rustie - A Pioneer in Glitchy Bass-Driven Beats

Hailing from Scotland, Rustie has been a major fixture in the electronic music world since 2010. His unique style of glitchy bass-driven beats and melodic laidback grooves have made him a firm favorite with listeners worldwide. Today we'll focus on both the positive aspects of his work and it's flaws, looking closely at what makes Rustie stand out amongst other producers in EDM today. From his iconic album Glass Swords to recent collaborative projects, let's dive into the innovative sounds that define this talented artist!

Often deemed as one of the most innovative electronic music producers in recent history, Rustie, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, has been making waves in the music scene since his debut in 2010. His distinctive style of music is a hybrid of glitchy bass-driven beats and melodic laidback grooves that have enthralled listeners all over the world. Today, we'll take a closer look at his work, identifying what sets him apart from other contemporary producers in the EDM scene.

One of Rustie's unique selling points is his incredible talent in combining different genres in his music. It's evident in his iconic debut album Glass Swords, which has been hailed as one of the most influential electronic music albums of the past decade. The album comprises of a mix of various genres such as hip-hop, funk, dance-pop, and drum and bass, infused into an exhilarating sound that was fresh and out of the box. Each track off the album resonates with his quirky and experimental beats, and the infusion of different genres showcases Rustie's versatility as a composer.

Another impressive feature of Rustie's work is his ability to manipulate melodies and build loops that have a dramatic impact on his audience. He's not afraid to experiment with different sounds, layering them to create an original sound that sets him apart from other electronic musicians. His tracks often have a distinguishable transformation in tone, from a serene melodic soundscape to a distorted, bass-heavy production that has become his signature style.

Rustie's collaborations speak volumes about his adaptability as a musician. His collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, under the name TNGHT, produced cutting-edge party tracks with an incredible ability to ignite a live crowd. Rustie has also worked with popular artists like Danny Brown and AlunaGeorge, further cementing his status as a versatile producer. His willingness to collaborate with different genres and artists showcases his versatility and willingness to experiment to create music that is refreshing and extraordinary.

However, with every artist, there are still flaws that can be identified. Rustie's music can get a tad bit monotonous. Some listeners may struggle to differentiate one track from another, as the constant use of glitchy beats and bass textures can be overwhelming. Still, this can be seen as a minor setback as he does have a unique sound that fans truly appreciate.

Rustie's contribution to electronic music can't be emphasized enough. His ability to fuse numerous genres, his unique soundscapes and collaborations have led to a reverent cult following amongst music listeners. His style of music is innovative, groundbreaking, and truly unique. As we continue to see his influence on contemporary music, we can only expect more excellent productions and hope that he continues to inspire fellow artists and music enthusiasts.
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1 - Zig-Zag
2 - Surph
3 - Ultra Thizz
4 - Slasherr
5 - After Light
6 - Flash Back
7 - Hover Traps
8 - City Star
9 - Globes
10 - All Nite
11 - Death Mountain
12 - Cry Flames
13 - Jagz the Smack
14 - Crystal Echo
15 - Response
16 - After Light (feat. AlunaGeorge)
17 - Attak (feat. Danny Brown)
18 - Raptor
19 - Green Language
20 - Triadzz
21 - A Glimpse
22 - Big Catzz
23 - Hyperthrust
24 - Clipper
25 - Crooked
26 - Tempest
27 - Inside Pikachu's Cunt
28 - First Mythz
29 - Neko
30 - Dragonfly
31 - Beast Nite
32 - Peace Upzzz
33 - Pendulum
34 - Chew
35 - Dog Mask