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Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne are an English indie dance-indie pop band from London, formed in 1990. The band consists of Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs.



The Divisiveness of Saint Etienne: Who They Are and What They Offer

Saint Etienne has long been one of the most divisive British music acts, revered by some and dismissed by others. At least since the early 1990s release of their third album Tiger Bay, they have sparked both passionate devotion and hostile opposition in equal measure. No matter which camp you belong to however, it is hard to ignore that Saint Etienne have produced incredibly heartfelt and timeless music that stands up as a testament to their immense talent. In this blog post, we will look at both sides of this controversial act: what sets them apart as unique and respected artists yet also draws so much criticism from fans across many genres. Get ready for a detailed overview of why Saint Etienne may be your next favorite musical experience!

Saint Etienne is a British music act that has never been afraid to stir things up, both in their music and in their style. From the early 1990s release of their third album Tiger Bay, they have sparked both passionate devotion and hostile opposition in equal measure. Some people love their soothing, nostalgic sound, while others find their work bland and uninspired. In this blog post, we will examine both sides of the coin. We will explore Saint Etienne's unique qualities that make them so compelling to some and the criticisms they face from fans across genres. Whether you're a devoted fan or a curious listener, this post will give you a detailed overview of why Saint Etienne is a band worthy of attention.

Saint Etienne first emerged in the early 1990s, just as alternative and indie rock started to take over the UK music scene. Unlike the rest of the musical landscape, Saint Etienne embraced sonic nostalgia, evoking images of the swinging '60s and '70s. With their whimsical lyrics and infectious melodies, they produced an oasis of calm in the midst of a jarring musical climate. Their early songs have a dream-like quality about them, almost as if they were a snapshot of an era that never existed. This approach drew them a devoted following and allowed them to stand out in the crowded UK music market.

One of Saint Etienne's defining qualities is their ability to blend different genres effortlessly. They combine the previous generation's lush orchestration with modern, electronic sounds, creating a sound that feels both retro and futuristic. Their music is delicate and intricate, yet they never lose sight of the need for a catchy melody to hook the listener. This ability to strike a balance between different musical styles is a large part of what makes Saint Etienne an engaging band.

Yet, despite their ability to create music that transports listeners to another time and place, Saint Etienne is often dismissed as a novelty act by critics and some fans. They are seen as derivative artists who offer nothing new or inventive. Critics of Saint Etienne have accused them of being too superficial and lacking any real substance beyond their catchy, radio-friendly tunes. This highlights the divisiveness of Saint Etienne, with audiences either fully embracing their unique style or dismissing it entirely.

Another aspect that sets Saint Etienne apart is their ability to tell a story through their music. Almost every Saint Etienne album follows a theme, with each song acting as a chapter in a larger narrative. Their albums often aim to preserve and celebrate a certain time and place, weaving in the music and cultural references specific to that period. This attention to detail and storytelling ability makes Saint Etienne's music more than just a collection of random songs; it feels like a complete experience that takes the listener on a musical journey.

Saint Etienne is a band that has managed to carve out their niche in the music industry, combining disparate genres into something unique and enduring. Though they may be divisive, with some loving and others dismissing them, it is hard to deny the timeless quality of their music. Their ability to transport listeners to another time and place through evocative storytelling and unique sound is a testament to their immense talent. If you're looking for a musical experience that rests comfortably between the past and the future, give Saint Etienne a listen. You might just find yourself drawn in by their undeniable charm.
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1 - Heart Failed
2 - He's on the Phone
3 - Side Streets
4 - Like a Motorway
5 - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6 - Nothing Can Stop Us
7 - Tonight
8 - You're In A Bad Way
9 - Spring
10 - Sun in My Morning
11 - I've Got Your Music
12 - A Good Thing
13 - Hug My Soul
14 - Hobart Paving
15 - Avenue
16 - Carnt Sleep
17 - Sylvie
18 - Lose That Girl
19 - Join Our Club
20 - He's On The Phone
21 - Kiss And Make Up
22 - This Is Radio Etienne
23 - People Get Real
24 - Wilson
25 - Mario's Cafe
26 - Who Do You Think You Are
27 - I Was Born On Christmas Day
28 - Pale Movie
29 - Girl Vii
30 - She's The One
31 - London Belongs To Me
32 - Stoned To Say The Least
33 - Filthy
34 - Etienne Gonna Die
35 - Stars Above Us
36 - Action
37 - Over The Border
38 - Goodnight Jack
39 - Dilworth's Theme
40 - Like The Swallow
41 - The Bad Photographer
42 - Milk Bottle Symphony
43 - Heart Failed (in The Back Of A Taxi)
44 - Last Days Of Disco
45 - Lightning Strikes Twice
46 - Heading For The Fair
47 - Your Head My Voice (voix Revirement)
48 - Teenage Winter
49 - Urban Clearway
50 - Slow Down At The Castle
51 - Record Doctor