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Taxman, the artist famed for creating bold and beautiful new paths with their music, has become a part of musical history. Their greatest songs and albums have garnered attention from critics across to globe. By creating tracklists full of daring arrangements, intuitive instruments and recurrent lyrical motifs Taxman has left an enduring impression on all who hear them. Bringing life to concepts considered impossible since time immemorial, they are lauded by fans of all genres as both predecessors and innovators.
Who is Taxman? Discovering the Musical Genius and Best Songs of the Artist
Hip-hop and R&B have always been the go-to genres for many music lovers, but in recent years, the UK's Drum & Bass music scene has been making waves. A notable name that stands out in the scene is the artist Taxman. He has been churning out some great tracks that have caught the ears of many music fans worldwide. Here, we'll discover the musical biography of the artist, delve into his best songs, and explore his distinctive style of music that sets him apart from the pack.
Taxman, whose real name is Dominic Tindill, is a British Drum & Bass producer from Nottingham, UK. He began producing music at the age of 16 and was exposed to the world of Drum & Bass through his older brother, which helped refine his style. Taxman has been in the music industry for over a decade, and his journey began when he signed with the well-known label, Playaz Recordings, and released his first EP in 2008. Since then, he's been making music that has earned him worldwide recognition and a loyal fan base.
One of Taxman’s most famous songs is Too Bad, which was released in 2009, and still remains widely popular today. This track was an absolute banger, and people just couldn't get enough of it. With its catchy hooks and thumping basslines, it is easy to see why it was so successful. Another great tune of his is Scanners, which was produced in collaboration with supreme Drum & Bass producers, Serum and Bladerunner. This track has since become an anthem of sorts, and it's still played regularly at Drum & Bass events.
Taxman’s style of music is heavily influenced by the old skool, which sets him apart from his counterparts in the Drum & Bass scene. His love for vintage sounds and elements can be heard in his music, and it's what makes his tunes uniquely timeless. Taxman has consistently stayed true to his roots and has never been afraid of experimenting with new sounds and styles. He has produced music across the Drum & Bass sub-genres, including jump-up, rollers, and liquid.
The artist has had the pleasure of headlining many shows and festivals, and his energetic performances never fail to disappoint his fans. One of his legendary performances was at the renowned Rampage Festival in Belgium in 2019, where he played an exclusive back-to-back set with fellow Drum & Bass producer, Upgrade. The set was a massive hit, with thousands of people dancing to their tunes.
In terms of critical acclaim, Taxman has received props from many well-known DJs, producers, and music publications. Legendary DJ, Andy C, has supported his music on his popular radio show and his nightclub performances. Also, the likes of MistaJam, DJ Hype, and Roni Size have all included his music in their playlists. The popular music magazine, Mixmag, labeled one of his tracks, Too Bad, as one of the 10 Best Bangers in Drum & Bass History. These acknowledgments prove that Taxman has cemented his name in the Drum & Bass genre.
In summary, Taxman is an exemplary musical artist in the UK Drum & Bass scene. His journey in music has been exciting, and his ability to stay true to his roots while exploring new sounds is commendable. He has produced some excellent tracks that have earned him accolades from fans and music experts alike. Taxman's live performances are electrifying, and his collaborations with other artists have produced some of the best Drum & Bass tunes ever made. With this brief overview, it's clear that Taxman is an artist that deserves recognition and is worth listening to.


1 - The Circle
2 - My House
3 - Cool It Judy
4 - No More Anthems
5 - Mega Death
6 - Falling Down
7 - Judgement
8 - Cop Killa
9 - Your House
10 - Too Bad Vip
11 - Embalmer
12 - Block
13 - Scan Darker
14 - Too Bad
15 - Rebirth
16 - Tdk
17 - Can't You See