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The Saints

Saint is the designation of a holy person.
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2006: ''Imperious Delirium''
2005: ''Nothing Is Straight in My House''
1998: ''Everybody Knows the Monkey''
1996: ''Howling''
1991: ''Permanent Revolution''
1988: ''Prodigal Son''
1987: ''All Fools Day''
1984: ''A Little Madness to Be Free''
1984: ''A Little Madness to Be Free / Live in a Mud Hut''
1982: ''Out in the Jungle''
1981: ''The Monkey Puzzle''
1978: ''Eternally Yours'' listen full album
1978: ''Prehistoric Sounds''
1977: ''(I'm) Stranded'' listen full album
''I Thought This Was Love, but This Ain't Casablanca''
''Spit the Blues Out''
''The Monkey's Puzzle + Paralytic Tonight Dublin Tom''