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Mokum Sessions

The Mokum Sessions strives to deliver in your face acoustic video-productions of talented musicians, filmed in beautiful Amsterdam. Entertaining you with new sessions every Tuesday and Friday. Mokum is the Hebrew nickname given to Amsterdam a long time ago and is still used today! Mokum stands for "Safe Haven". The nickname was first considered Bargoens, a form of Dutch slang. However, in the 20th century Mokum lost it's negative sound and is now used as a nickname for Amsterdam in a sentimental context. If you or an artist you represent would like to make an appearance in one of our sessions, feel free to contact us at info@mokumsessions.com A playist with the best mokum sessions songs

The Mokum Sessions: The Best In Your Face Acoustic Video-Productions!
Are you a music lover who enjoys discovering new talents and listening to them in their rawest form? Have you heard about The Mokum Sessions and wondered what they are all about? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will introduce you to The Mokum Sessions, explaining what they are, and taking you through their incredible journey. We promise it will be an entertaining read.
The Mokum Sessions is a platform that has been delivering in-your-face acoustic video-productions of talented musicians, all filmed in beautiful Amsterdam. With new sessions every Tuesday and Friday, The Mokum Sessions has become a go-to destination for music lovers all over the world. The name Mokum is a Hebrew nickname given to Amsterdam a long time ago, and it means Safe Haven. Initially, the nickname was considered Bargoens, which is a Dutch slang, but in the 20th century, it lost its negative context and became a sentimental nickname for Amsterdam.
The Mokum Sessions puts together a staging that is intimate and packed exclusively with acoustic instruments. It features musicians in solo, duo, or group settings, with an array of instruments such as cello, piano, guitar, and bass, amongst others. During each session, the musicians perform their music in an environment that has a unique and intimate feel. With Amsterdam's beautiful landmarks and nature serving as a backdrop, the music blends perfectly to deliver a sensory experience that is second to none.
If you are wondering how The Mokum Sessions come about, well, it's a pretty interesting story. The Mokum Sessions was born out of a lack of excitement for the kinds of music that were topping the charts and playing on the radio. It was a brave decision by the founders of The Mokum Sessions to try and find new, exciting, and undiscovered music from around the world. With that outlook, The Mokum Sessions started searching the world for talented and undiscovered musicians, and the result has been nothing short of amazing. From its inception, The Mokum Sessions have worked with a wide range of artists, including both established veterans and up-and-coming talent from all over the world.
Finally, for those who are inspired by what The Mokum Sessions stands for and wishes to partake in it, they can directly reach out to them at info@mokumsessions.com. Whether you are an artist, musician, or music enthusiast, The Mokum Sessions invites you to join them in discovering and celebrating new music from around the world.
The Mokum Sessions is a platform unlike any other. It provides a unique blend of intimate performances by talented and undiscovered musicians surrounded by Amsterdam's beautiful landmarks and natural beauty. It's no wonder they've gained such a massive following of music lovers all over the world. This platform meets the need of anyone looking to discover new music that is raw, authentic and expressive, stripping down music to its barest and intimate moments. Is there a better way to enjoy music? We think not. So next time you are looking for a few new tracks to add to your music rotation, do not forget to browse through The Mokum Sessions and guarantee you, you won't regret it!


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