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Ruby Recordings

American rapper/producer Trizzy presented his very own imprint Ruby Recordings beginning of 2015. The young hip-hop sensation revealed a fresh and open-minded label. Next to Trizzy's own tracks and collaborations, Ruby Recordings also releases tracks that fit the versatile sound of the label, whether that be r&b, emo, trap or alternative. Ruby Recordings is a full service label, management, publishing, and entertainment company founded by Trizzy.

Trizzy's Ruby Recordings: The New Voice of Versatile Sound
In 2015, American rapper and producer Trizzy created a new imprint that would shake the music industry, the Ruby Recordings. This new label brought a fresh and open-minded approach that was welcomed by music lovers everywhere. Ruby Recordings is not just a label, but a full-service entertainment company that handles management, publishing, and production. With a sound that blends various genres, Ruby Recordings has become a rising star in the music industry.
One of the unique aspects of Ruby Recordings is its versatility. The label's sound is a seamless blend of several genres- from R&B, emo, trap, and alternative. This versatility makes the label's sound unpredictable and exciting, which keeps listeners engaged. Ruby Recordings have released a range of tracks that fit their unique sound, making the label one of the most unconventional imprints in recent times.
Another exciting aspect of Ruby Recordings is Trizzy's musical collaborations. In addition to releasing his tracks on the label, he collaborates with other artists, both established and up-and-coming. The collaborations' results are always quirky, fresh and showcase Trizzy's ability to blend different musical styles effortlessly. Some of the most impressive musical collaborations include Sippin On featuring Rich Homie Quan and Gimme Love with G-Eazy and Tory Lanez.
The success of Ruby Recordings is not limited to Trizzy's musical abilities. The artists he has signed to the label have also contributed to the label's sound and growth. The Artists include Taliwhoah, blackbear, and Ambré, among others. All these artists share Trizzy's passion for blending various genres, contributing to the label' s overarching theme. Each artist signed to the label brings a unique sound, interest, and creative ability, which complements the label's ethos.
The Label also invests in promoting international collaborations. Ruby Recordings collaborates with international artists such as Canada's R&B sensation, Jesse Reyez, and the London-based Sinead Harnett. These collaborations allow the label to showcase its versatility to the international market, which has helped increase the label's reach.
Trizzy's Ruby Recordings has become a powerhouse in a short difference. The label's versatility and unpredictability make it a unique entity in the music industry. The Ruby Recordings represents an embodiment of Trizzy's creative vision, curated to bring together various genres and artists in one space. The label's unique sound draws listeners from all walks of life, and its growth has been impressive to watch. With its emphasis on unique collaborations and international collaborations, the Ruby Recording imprint is poised to take over the music world.


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