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The very best of big beat

A selection of the best big beat artists. Are you searching for powerful and mindblowing big beat music? Look no further Ð here's a selection of the world's foremost musicians in this truly electrifying genre. From vigorous and dynamic cuts to glamorously sultry tones, these artists have cornered off their own part of pop culture history in their own unique way. Whether providing the perfect foundation to rock out too, or alternatively providing the ideal soundtrack to an ambient metropolis, they can bring that booming sound readily to your ears. Indulge in the best of big beat with this handpicked selection.
Latest songs added to the playlist:
1-Fatboy Slim - Drop The Hate
2-Fatboy Slim - Fucking In Heaven
3-Lone - Vengeance Video
4-Lone - Jizz in My Pants
5-Lone - Amazed