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Achille Lauro


Achille Lauro : The Rising Star of Italian Music Scene
Italy is known for its rich culture and history, and when it comes to music, it has given us some of the iconic artists who have left an everlasting impact on the world. One such name is Achille Lauro, who has been creating a buzz in the music industry with his unique style and captivating persona. In this blog post, we will delve into the musical biography, the best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic of the rising star Achille Lauro.
Musical Biography:
Achille Lauro was born on May 24, 1990, in Rome, Italy. He started his musical journey in 2012 when he released his first extended play Barabba. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. In the year 2013, he won the Best Emerging Artist award at the MEI (Meeting Etichette Indipendenti) festival, which marked his first recognition in the music industry. After that, he released several singles and albums, which helped him gain a loyal fan base in Italy and beyond.
Music Genre:
Achille Lauro's music is a unique blend of different genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. He is known for his eccentric style, which is reflected in his music videos and live performances. His music is full of energy and has a strong emotional impact on the listeners.
Best Songs:
Achille Lauro has several popular songs, but some of his best works include Rolls Royce, C'est la vie, Sushi, and 1990. These songs have been praised for their catchy beats, honest lyrics, and overall production quality.
Famous Concerts:
Achille Lauro's concerts are one of a kind. He is known for his theatrical performances, where he uses various props, costumes, and visual effects to create an immersive experience for the audience. One of his most famous concerts was Achille Idol Tour, which was held in Italy in 2018. The concert saw a massive turnout, and the audience was left awe-struck with his performance.
Achille Lauro's music has been appreciated by many critics for its experimental nature and fresh sound. His ability to blend different genres seamlessly has been widely praised. However, there have been some critics who have criticized his eccentric style and theatrical approach to music. Nevertheless, Achille Lauro's music has left a significant impact on the Italian music scene, and he continues to be one of the most promising artists in the country.
Achille Lauro is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the Italian music scene. His unique style and captivating performances have won the hearts of many music lovers. With his fresh approach to music, he has managed to create a niche for himself in an industry that is constantly evolving. If you haven't already, we highly recommend checking out some of his best works and experiencing his energy-packed live performances. We are eagerly waiting for more great music from this talented artist.
1 - Ccl
2 - Prega Per Noi
3 - Ghetto Dance
4 - Pusher
5 - Contromano
6 - Tu Che Ne Sai
7 - No Face Radio - Christmas Special Editon ( With. Achille Lauro - Og Eastbull - Danien & Theø )
8 - Non Sei Come Me (sambatrap Vol.2 - Prod. Boss Doms)
9 - With Boss Doms - Reaction Pechino Express 2017
10 - Amore Mi (sambatrap Vol.1 - Prod. Boss Doms)
11 - Fuc Remix "bpr Squad"
12 - Amore & Grammi Feat. Fred De Palma (prod. Boss Doms)
13 - Barabba Ii (prod. Dogs Life X Boss Doms)
14 - Ragazzi Madre (prod. Boss Doms)
15 - Profumo Da Donna (prod. Gow X Boss Doms)
16 - Ascensore Per L'inferno Feat. Coez (prod. Frenetik & Orang3 X Boss Doms)
17 - Ulalala Feat. Gemitaiz (prod. Boss Doms)
18 - Amico Del Quore - Official Lyric Video (prod. Rubik Beats X Boss Doms)
19 - Maharaja - Official Lyric Video (prod. Boss Doms)
20 - Teatro & Cinema (prod. Boss Doms)
21 - Coca Cola Light (prod. Banf X Boss Doms)
22 - In Paradiso / Disneyland (prod. Boss Doms)
23 - In Paradiso - Teaser
24 - With Boss Doms Vs. Drake - Hotline Drin
25 - Cenerentola (prod. Boss Doms)
26 - Wow (prod. Boss Doms)
27 - Occhiali Da Donna (prod. Boss Doms)
28 - Bonnie & Clyde
29 - Solo Noi
30 - 1990
31 - 16-mar
32 - Bam Bam Twist (feat. Gow Tribe) - Official Video
33 - Che Sarà (official Lyric Video)
34 - Rose Villain - Fragole