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amiina (formerly amína) is an Icelandic band composed of Hildur Ársælsdóttir (born January 31, 1980), Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir (born February 3, 1978), Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir (born September 29, 1980), and Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir (born August 10, 1977).
Discovering the Musical Magic of Amiina
Amiina is a band that is truly unlike any other. They were founded in Reykjavik, Iceland, and have been enchanting listeners with their music ever since. They have a unique sound that combines traditional instruments with electronic music, making their music otherworldly and magical. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Amiina, discussing their history, genre, best songs, and any famous concerts they have performed.
Amiina was formed in 1998, initially as a quartet consisting of four female musicians. Their initial musical style was heavily influenced by classical, electronic and minimalist music. Their first album, AnimaminA, was a massive hit and introduced them to the musical world. Since then, they have released several albums, and their music has evolved to include a broader range of styles and sounds.
One of the genres that Amiina is best known for is post-rock. They are credited with helping to pioneer the genre and have collaborated with other notable post-rock bands such as Sigur Ros and Mum. Amiina's music is often described as ethereal, with haunting melodies and incredible textures that create a dreamy ambiance.
When it comes to their best songs, there are so many to choose from. Some of their most popular tracks include Hilli, Seoul, What are We Waiting for? Sicsak, and Rugla. These songs showcase the band's unique style and give the listener a taste of what makes Amiina so special.
Amiina's concerts are also noteworthy, thanks to the intricate soundscapes they create. Fans describe their live shows as an ethereal journey, with a dreamlike atmosphere that immerses them within the music. One famous concert to note is their performance at the Reykjavik Arts Festival in 2012. It featured stunning visuals, ethereal music, and incorporated Icelandic nature into the performance, making it a feast of the senses.
Critically, Amiina has been lauded by music critics and fans alike for their unique sound and incredible live performances. They have won several awards, including the Icelandic Music Award for best album and best soundtrack.
Amiina is a band that continues to bewitch listeners with their dreamy soundscapes, vibrant melodies, and textured rhythms. Their unique blend of traditional and electronic elements creates music that is both familiar and otherworldly. Whether it's a live show full of stunning visuals or their incredible albums, Amiina never fails to impress. Their post-rock sound has cemented them as one of the most influential bands of their generation, and it's no wonder people continue to be enchanted by their music. If you haven't yet discovered the musical magic of Amiina, now is the time to do so.



Amiina and their Cheese Platter: A Tragic Musical Flaw

When it comes to Icelandic indie music, Amiina are the it band. From Reykjavík to London, everywhere you go, everyone is talking about their ethereal sound and mesmerizing live performance. But not all is perfect in the world of Amiina - there is one glaring flaw that we have to address before we can truly appreciate their unique musical style: they refuse to share their cheese platter on stage! It's a real crime against humanity and something needs to be done. Join me as I delve into this issue with due humour and a hint of sarcasm - Enjoy!

Amiina, the acclaimed Icelandic indie band, is a name that you cannot miss these days if you are a fan of good music. Their ethereal sound and mesmerizing live performances have been lighting up stages all over the world, from the small bars in Reykjavík to the biggest festivals in London. However, as much as we love their music, there is one issue that we need to address before we can fully appreciate their unique style: their inability to share their cheese platter on stage! Yes, you read that right - and it is a real tragedy. In this blog, let's investigate this crime against humanity and see what needs to be done to remedy it!

Firstly, let us clarify that we do not fault Amiina for their love of cheese - after all, who doesn't like cheese? But unfortunately, we must take issue with their reluctance to share it with their incredible audience. We must admit that we have seen their cheese platter for ourselves, and it is a sight to behold - filled with a variety of cheeses, crackers, and grapes. However, as much as we loved it, we were left lamenting that they didn't share it with the crowd.

Secondly, we want to dig deeper into why this flaw exists. Is it a simple oversight on their part? Or are they really that selfish and unwilling to share their cheesy goodness? We can only assume that they are so focused on their performance that they forget to share - but even this doesn't seem like a valid excuse. Sharing is caring, after all! Perhaps they could be persuaded to share their cheese if they heard enough encouraging words from their fans.

Thirdly, it's not just us who feel this way - many Amiina fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment and frustration at this cheese platter issue. It truly is a tragedy on par with any of the great musical disasters of our time. Indeed, it's not uncommon to hear cries of share the cheese, Amiina from the audience during their shows. So, dear Amiina, it's not too late to right this wrong - we implore you to consider sharing your wonderful cheese platter with the world!

Fourthly, cheese is not just any food - it's a symbol of unity and togetherness. Sharing a plate of cheese with someone is a sign of friendship and goodwill. When Amiina refuses to share their cheese platter, they are missing out on an opportunity to connect with their fans on a deeper level. Music has the power to bring people together, but so does cheese!

Lastly, we want to end on a positive note. Despite this cheese issue, we still love Amiina and their music. Their unique sound and incredible live performances cannot be denied. Therefore, we propose a solution that could satisfy both them and their audience - maybe they could share their cheese platter during their encore? That way, their fans can enjoy their delicious snack while still getting the full Amiina experience. We hope that Amiina takes this suggestion to heart and makes amends for their crime against humanity.

In conclusion, the cheese platter issue with Amiina is a real travesty that must be addressed for the good of all music lovers. While their reluctance to share their glorious cheese is a blemish on their otherwise stellar reputation, we still love them and their music. We can only hope that they hear our plea and share their cheese platter with the world in the future. Until then, let us continue to enjoy their ethereal tunes and keep chanting share the cheese, Amiina.

In conclusion, the cheese platter issue with Amiina is a real travesty that must be addressed for the good of all music lovers. While their reluctance to share their glorious cheese is a blemish on their otherwise stellar reputation, we still love them and their music. We can only hope that they hear our plea and share their cheese platter with the world in the future. Until then, let us continue to enjoy their ethereal tunes and keep chanting share the cheese, Amiina.
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The Melodic Journey of Amiina

As music lovers, we often associate beautiful soundscapes to specific genres, time periods, or iconic musicians. However, once in a while, we come across musical gems that simply blur the lines of classification and leave us in awe. One such artist is Amiina, a band from Iceland known for their ethereal and captivating compositions. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the musical biography of Amiina, how they started, their most famous albums, songs, and their unique style that has made them capture audiences worldwide.

Amiina started in the early 2000s as the string section of fellow Icelandic group Sigur Rós. They were inspired by the group's innovative and unique sound and often found themselves experimenting with different instruments and sonic textures. However, it wasn't until they performed at the 2005 Venice Biennale that they decided to form a band of their own. They released their first album in 2007, Kurr, where they blended electronic and acoustic sounds, providing dreamlike soundscapes and textured soundscapes, a reflection of their experience of Iceland's natural beauty.

One of Amiina's most popular albums is definitely The Lighthouse Project, a live performance in an abandoned lighthouse in each of the eleven port towns around Iceland's coast. This performance resonated with the Icelandic people, as it explored the power of live music in unconventional locations. Amiina also released several other mesmerizing albums over the years, including a collaboration album with artist Lee Hazlewood.

Amiina's music is truly a unique blend of multiple genres, from ambient and experimental to folk and classical. Their soundscapes, in combination with the use of several instruments such as violins, cellos, glass harmonicas, and more, result in melodic and ethereal tracks that linger long within one's memory. Their musical style and influences are drawn from their surroundings, in particular the mysterious and distinctive landscapes of their homeland Iceland.

Amongst the many noteworthy songs by Amiina, one of their most iconic pieces is the track Hilli, which explores the beauty of nature, the sound of rain, and the presence of mystical beings. Another track, Seoul, incorporates Korean lyrics into their soundscapes, exploring the cultural influences that shape their music. Each of Amiina's songs tells its own story, immersing the listener deeper into their enchanting musical world.

Amiina is a remarkable band that has journeyed on a musical path with their unique style, soundscapes, and storytelling. They continue to inspire audiences with their powerful emotions and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on every listener. Whether in Iceland or worldwide, Amiina's music has a universal appeal that makes it timeless. Their music is proof that the world is full of unique talent just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
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1 - Thoka
2 - Sexfaldur
3 - Rugla
4 - Seoul
5 - Sogg
6 - Hilli
7 - Kolapot
8 - L?p?na
9 - Ugla
10 - Boga
11 - Ammaelis
12 - Hemipode
13 - Fjarskanistan
14 - Over And Again
15 - Skakka
16 - Crocodile
17 - Simplon Express
18 - Paris
19 - Telegram
20 - Hilli (at The Top Of The World)
21 - Tvisturinn
22 - Þristurinn
23 - N65 °16,21 W13 °34,49
24 - Café
25 - Juve & Fandor
26 - Fantômas
27 - Bláskjár
28 - Bíólagið
29 - Kola - Lighthouse Version
30 - Mambó
31 - Sicsak
32 - Púsl
33 - In The Sun
34 - ásinn
35 - What Are We Waiting For?
36 - Leather And Lace
37 - Perth
38 - Doctor Finkelstein/in The Forest
39 - Bláfeldur
40 - Lóri
41 - Glámur
42 - What Are We Waiting For
2016: Fantômas
2010: Puzzle
2007: Kurr