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Lital Yohay

Israeli Singer-Songwriter Lital Yohay releases unique mashup song ISRAEL—“Don't Miss Out On Me, the newest release from singer-songwriter Lital Yohay, is a unique mash-up that combines four of her originals songs and explains the development of music as far back as the Afro Cuban grooves and jazz music. Lital explains the evolution of the music by mixing different styles, keys, and grooves. Which are switched from song to song. The transition from electronic pop to jazz/soul to blues and finally to Latin funk gives the audience the feeling of dancing that will never end, happiness with groove, and reveling the basic spirit of jazz music. “Everything that the audience knows comes from jazz and everything is possible,” said Lital, who hails from Kfar Saba, Israel. “There are no rules, you can do whatever you want in the music world, and there are no limits to creativity: even when it is uncommon and unacceptable in the music industry.” Lital's message is defiant–don't be afraid of your dreams, be bold, and don't ever listen to anyone is saying, only to your heart. Lital, 32, was born and raised in Israel and comes from a family with two major celebrities that begun the traditional eastern music culture in the area. Despite having a hearing disorder ever since she was born—caused from multiple ear infections and a major cyst removal surgery in one of her ears—Lital has passionately built her music career from the ground up, releasing new songs regularly and securing interviews with music journalists across the world. Because of her hearing disorder, Lital can't perform with a whole band, and so goes acoustic or uses playbacks. This way she will not suffer from the louder noises on stage. When she is recording, her ears start corking without any notice, so she has to keep on going and give her best. In addition to making and producing music, she runs the Musical Soul School in Israel; there she teaches vocals, drums, and creative writing. She also manages artists and bands, combining her skills in public relations and marketing. Lately, Lital decided to take the next step as far as it comes to her marketing skills, and offer a new service of copy writing: marketing content writing for businesses that want to evolve. In 2018, Lital was
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1 - don't miss out on me
2 - check up
3 - never have i ever
4 - traveling back in time
5 - soon