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Armik Dashchi, professionally known as Armik, is an Iranian-Armenian American New Flamenco guitarist, producer and composer.[1] Several of Armik's albums have reached Billboard's Top New Age Albums chart.[2][3][4] A child prodigy, born in Iran of Armenian descent, at seven years old he pawned his watch for a classical guitar, which he hid and practiced on in the basement.
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1994: ''Rain Dancer''
1995: ''Guitar Romance''
1995: ''Gypsy Flame''
1996: ''Rubia''
1997: ''Malaga''
1997: ''Souvenir''
1999: ''Isla Del Sol''
2001: ''Rosas Del Amor''
2002: ''Lost In Paradise''
2003: ''Amor De Guitarra''
2004: ''Romantic Dreams''
2004: ''Piano Nights''
2004: ''Treasures''
2005: ''Cafe Romantico''
2005: ''Mar De Sueños''
2006: ''Mi Pasión''
2006: ''Christmas Wishes''
2007: ''Guitarrista''
2007: ''A Day In Brazil''
2008: ''Barcelona''
2009: ''Serenata''
2010: ''Besos'' listen full album
2012: ''Reflections''
2012: ''Casa De Amor'' listen full album
2013: ''Flames Of Love''
2014: ''Mystify''
2014: ''Magic Touch''
2014: ''Spanish Memories''