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Big Daddy Kane

Antonio Hardy (born September 10, 1968), better known by his stage name Big Daddy Kane, is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper who started his career in 1986 as a member of the rap group the Juice Crew.


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The Worst Big Daddy Kane Songs: A Journey Through Hip Hop History

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, there's no way you don't know who Big Daddy Kane is. The larger than life hip hop icon was known for his signature spoken flow style, mesmerizing rhymes, and undeniable swagger. But as adoring fans of Big Daddy Kane, we must face the fact that not all of his songs were hits—some went so far as to be complete disasters. As hilariously offbeat as they may have sounded at the time (or perhaps still do to this day), these musical atrocities unfortunately exist alongside some of BDP’s greatest works —but don’t fret! Let’s take a look back at those missteps together and enjoy a few laughs while reminiscing about one of hip-hop’s OG legends.

Big Daddy Kane is a name that every hip hop fan knows, but not every song he released was a hit. The 80s and 90s were a golden age for hip hop, and Big Daddy Kane was a giant in the industry during that time. His style, rhymes and swag made him a figurehead for the genre, but even the greatest fall sometimes. As fans, it's essential to accept that not every track was a success story. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and laugh together at some of the worst Big Daddy Kane songs of all time.

1. Pimpin' Aint Easy: Although in his prime, Big Daddy Kane made us forget that he had a track named Pimpin Ain't Easy. This song was not his finest point. The cheesy beats, the ridiculous lyrics, and the uninspired chorus made it clear that the Big Daddy had his mixtape struggle tracks too. However, it's undeniably hilarious, and you can't listen to it without smiling.

2. Taste Of Chocolate: Big Daddy Kane speaks to us with his velvety voice with these bars, but his Jamaican accent in the chorus leaves us scratching our heads. The song is a mix of bad accents, a weak hook, and tiring verses. However, the rhymes are still impressive, and the beat is undeniably groovy. As it appears to our ears today, The Taste of Chocolate doesn't suitably represent the artistry of Big Daddy Kane.

3. Set It Off: It is as if Kane's wig was at the epicentre of the Earth when he was writing this five and a half-minute song. The absurd rhymes fall off his tongue, and the synthesizer beat sounds outright comical. Kane's stilted delivery, coupled with a lazy chorus, doesn't adhere to hip hop's culture and breaks the listener's interest midway through. Set It Off is not fit enough to compel fans or listeners with its lackluster deliveries.

4. All Of Me: This disaster is one of the worst tracks Big Daddy Kane has ever put out. There was a time when featuring an R&B singer was typical for a rapper, but the execution in All Of Me is laughable. The lyrics are cheesy, the chorus is underwhelming, and the track's general vibe sounds out of place. The song is one that would have been better off left on the cutting room floor.

5. Smooth Operator: Sure, Smooth Operator is iconic and has cemented itself in hip hop's history, but that is not to say that it's perfect. Some purists might argue that this song's chorus is downright boring, and one can't just ignore the fact that the track leans heavily on the sample and synth orchestra. However, its lyrics are excellent, and the delivery is groundbreaking.

After listening to these songs, fans of Big Daddy Kane might have mixed feelings. Most of his tracks have stood the test of time and remain etched in the hearts of hip hop fans globally. However, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Big Daddy Kane's lesser-known songs miss the mark in terms of sound and lyrical delivery. Nonetheless, they are an essential part of history. We have seen the best of Big Daddy Kane in his prime, and now we have seen the worst. Despite its flaws, the artistry and rhymes of Big Daddy Kane will remain a legacy that will never die.
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1 - Ain't No Half Steppin'
2 - Raw
3 - Wrath Of Kane
4 - Long Live the Kane
5 - Smooth Operator
6 - I'll Take You There
7 - Warm It Up, Kane
8 - Just Rhymin' With Biz
9 - On the Bugged Tip
10 - BK Mentality
11 - The Jump Off
12 - Set It Off
13 - Rap Summary (Lean On Me)
14 - Another Victory
15 - I Get the Job Done
16 - Raw (remix)
17 - Ain't No Half-steppin'
18 - Ain't No Half Steppin' (promo Mix)
19 - I'll Take You There
20 - Word To The Mother (land)
21 - The Day You're Mine
22 - Mister Cee's Master Plan
23 - Young, Gifted And Black
24 - It's A Big Daddy Thing
25 - Cause I Can Do It Right
26 - Mortal Combat
27 - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
28 - Pimpin' Ain't Easy
29 - Children R The Future
30 - Calling Mr. Welfare
31 - Big Daddy's Theme
32 - Show & Prove
33 - It's Hard Being The Kane
34 - On The Move
35 - The House That Cee Built
36 - Stop Shammin'
37 - To Be Your Man
38 - Wrath Of Kane (live)
39 - How U Get A Record Deal?
40 - Looks Like A Job For...
41 - Very Special
42 - Any Type Of Way
43 - That's How I Did 'em
44 - The Beef Is On
45 - Nuff' Respect


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