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The Music and Life of Borgore: An Insight into the Dubstep King's Legacy
Borgore is a name that the world of dubstep cannot ignore. The man behind the stage name, Asaf Borger, is an Israeli-American DJ, producer, and vocalist extraordinaire. His career took off in the late 2000s, and since then, he has made his mark with his unique sound and dynamic energy. This blog post will delve into the musical career of Borgore - his biography, best songs, music genres, famous concerts, and a critical analysis of his music.
Borgore began his musical journey at an early age in Israel. He came from a musical family and learned to play drums at a young age, which eventually led him to explore other instruments such as guitar, keyboard, and bass. He later moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and started producing music. Borgore's music often blends the elements of dubstep and heavy metal, creating this hybrid that's never heard before.
Now let's talk about his best songs. Borgore's Decisions featuring Miley Cyrus has to be his most popular and recognized song. It is an upbeat, in-your-face track that blends electronic and metal sounds with Miley's vocals. Another great song by Borgore is Sunsets, a softer, mellow track that highlights his ability to create more melodic pieces of music. Borgore's other great tracks include Ratchet, Wild Out, and Nympho.
Borgore's music falls under the genre of dubstep, trap, and electro house. His music has always been a mix of metal and electronic music, making his sound unique. He is known to experiment with different sounds and genres, making his music unpredictable and always keeping the fans on their toes. Borgore also has a keen ear for collaborations. He has worked with a lot of artists such as G-Eazy, Juicy J, and even Bella Thorne.
Borgore's concerts are undoubtedly some of the wildest in the dubstep world. A typical Borgore concert will have massive crowds getting wild, jumping and dancing to the heavy bass drops and wild beats. He also likes to incorporate pyrotechnics, fire, and some unique themes into his stage performances, making his shows a one-of-a-kind experience. Undoubtedly, one of Borgores's most notable performances was at the 2017 Ultra Music Festival in Miami. His high energy and electrifying set just blew the audience away.
Finally, let's talk about music critics. Critics have a habit of analysing music before understanding it. The same is for Borgores's music, and unfortunately, they tend to focus on the heavy metal aspect of his music, rather than his unusual blend of genres. However, they cannot deny just how successful Borgore has been in the dubstep world. Fans love his music, and he continues to produce tracks that are both catchy and innovative.
In conclusion, Borgore's music and life are nothing short of fascinating. From his humble beginnings in Israel, to his rise to fame in the United States, Asaf Borger has proved that he is a powerhouse within the electronic music scene. He has created some of the most memorable songs in the genre of dubstep and continues to push boundaries with his experimental sound. His music is not afraid to take risks and to be different. To see him perform live is an unforgettable experience, and we can't wait to hear what he's got in store for us next. The sound and the legacy of Borgore make him a true musical icon and a force to be reckoned with.
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Borgore: The Musical Journey of an Iconic Artist

Electronic dance music has become a massive phenomenon in the music world, and one person that stands out in this genre is Borgore. Being one of the pioneers of dubstep and having his unique style and sound, he has taken the electronic music world by storm. His music is not only mesmerizing but also tells a story that keeps the audience engaged. This article will take you through the musical biography of Borgore – from his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs.

Borgore, whose real name is Asaf Borger, was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He began his music career by playing saxophone and drums in jazz bands, but later he discovered his love for electronic music. He started making music in his bedroom studio at the age of sixteen, and it was not long before his sound caught the attention of some big names in the music industry. He burst onto the EDM scene in 2007 with his debut release Goresteps, Moster, Breaths, and Spray, and this release established him as one of the pioneers of dubstep.

Borgore's most famous release to date is his second album, Legend. This album, released in 2013, had some of his biggest hits such as Decisions featuring Miley Cyrus and Wild Out featuring Waka Flocka Flame. Borgore describes the album as his declaration of his own creative freedom. The album explores different themes, ranging from his love for dubstep to his interests in trap music and beyond.

The iconic artist, Borgore, has produced some of the most famous electronic dance music in the world, and his hit songs are a testament to this fact. Among his most famous songs are Nympho, Squad, and Forbes, just to mention a few. Borgore's music is known for its heavy bass lines, unique flow, and theme - an unbridled celebration of hedonism, love, and life.

Borgore has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and this has helped him reach a more massive audience. He has worked with industry legends such as Diplo, Waka Flocka Flame, Sikdope, and more, and his collaborations have been some of the biggest hits in the EDM scene.

Borgore's musical style is a unique blend of different sub-genres of EDM such as dubstep, trap, and bass. He is widely known for his love for the heaviest bass-lines and the darkest beats. He draws inspiration from different genres such as jazz, classical, and blues, and he incorporates these sounds into his music, giving it a unique flavor.

In conclusion, Borgore has undoubtedly made his mark in the music world. His unique style and sound continue to influence the electronic dance music scene, and he remains one of the pioneers of dubstep. His music tells a story and encourages one to celebrate life, love, and hedonism while also exploring different emotions. Borgore is not only an artist but a storyteller, and through his music, he continues to inspire a generation.
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1 - Saturday Night
2 - Nympho
3 - Sunday Morning
4 - Guided Relaxation Dub
5 - Sunsets
6 - Decisions
7 - Ice Cream
8 - Money
9 - Cry Me A River
10 - Afro Blue
11 - Ina Trouble
12 - The Bitter Orchestra Girl
13 - Casablanca
14 - Foes (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
15 - Kinder Surprise
16 - Wild Out (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige)
17 - Ratchet
18 - Act Like A Ho
19 - Broken Rulz
20 - Thoughts
21 - Syrup
22 - 100s
23 - Magic Trick
24 - One Step Ahead
25 - Go To Bed
26 - Best
27 - Outro
28 - Delicious
29 - Summerlake
30 - Blast Ya (feat. Barrington Levy)
31 - Mop
32 - Forbes (feat. G-eazy)
33 - Cant Squad With Us
34 - Decisions - Original
35 - Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse - Original Mix
36 - My Favourite Things
37 - #newgoreorder (feat. Malcolm Mcdowell)
38 - Mama's Boy
39 - Love


2024-07-12 h: 21:00
The Bossanova Ballroom
Portland, US
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