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Objekt is an emerging electronic artist whose distinct sound has been captivating music listeners around the world. With innovative works spanning a range of musical styles within multiple genres, Objekt has left an indelible mark on musical history. An amalgamation of various influences and sounds, Objekt's songs and albums have pushed the sonic boundaries of what constitutes traditional musics and continues to surprise audiences with its creative wall of sound. Amongst their popular works are some best songs that perfectly incorporate elements from a variety of musical backdrops, creating a truly unique double helix which has seen acclaimed reviews worldwide. Whether it be with synthesizers or acoustic production, Objekt's ease in shifting static elements into dynamic pieces has sealed its legacy amongst some of the most influential records ever made throughout intricate album releases and inventive unreleased material.
An Epic Journey into Objekt's Music and Its Best Songs
You know what they say: there's no end to the variety of music genres out there, and experiencing them is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. One artist who has been consistently climbing the ladder of the music industry with distinctive and boundary-pushing sounds is Objekt. The British/German producer and DJ has made a name for itself, blending different sounds and genres to create a unique and unforgettable soundscape. In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into Objekt's musical biography, the best songs, music genres, famous concerts, and some of the critics' opinions about its music. So get ready to be blown away by Objekt's amazing talent!
Objekt, whose real name is TJ Hertz, was born in Tokyo to a British diplomat and a German ballet dancer. He spent most of his life growing up in Brussels and finally moved to Berlin in 2007. He started his music career in the mid-2000s, creating music that was both atmospheric and experimental. His music is best classified as techno, IDM, and bass music, considering its intricate patterns, unique sounds, and complex structures. However, Objekt is not shy about incorporating other non-techno elements into his music, from minimal beats to acid synths, breakbeats, and even dub techno textures.
Some of Objekt's best songs should be on your playlist if you're a fan of electronic music with sophisticated and immersive sounds. Tracks like Cactus, Theme from Q, Agnes Revenge, and Second Witness are hypnotic sounds that span across the dancefloors and minds, seamlessly fusing techno, IDM, and bass music into create a sound that's uniquely Objekt. Agnes Revenge, for instance, sets a steady techno beat that carries the entire track, but then it's filled with sounds that play with multiple time signatures, resulting in an entrancingly intricate sound that's anything but boring or predictable.
Objekt has performed in some of the world's most famous venues and festivals, earning himself some love and respect in the music industry. One of his most notable performances was during the 2015 edition of Berlin's CTM Festival where he showcased his incredible talent alongside fellow boundary-pushing producers and DJs. Objekt also performed headlined the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona in 2019, delivering an electrifying set that had fans reeling for more.
Critics have praised Objekt's music, with The Fader calling one of his EPs the best techno release of 2018. Resident Advisor placed Objekt's 2018 full-length album Cocoon Crush at No. 4 on their album of the year list, citing its astonishing array of robotic rhythms and complex soundscapes, both of which enter into dialogue with the physical world as much as the mental one.
In conclusion, Objekt's music is a form of art that's carved a place in the hearts and minds of electronic music fans. With its unique and intricate sounds that blend different genres, Objekt has managed to create an unforgettable sound that's both captivating and electronic. From his best songs, famous concerts, and critics' opinions, it's clear that this British/German producer and DJ is here to stay and that his music catalog is one that electronic music fans must listen to. So, why not add some of Objekt's best songs to your playlist and experience the magic for yourself?

Objekt: A Musical Biography

Objekt, born in 1983 in Germany, is an electronic musician and DJ who has taken the world by storm with his unique sound and creative spirit. His music is difficult to categorize, as he blends elements of techno, electro, and experimental music to create something entirely new and exciting. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the musical biography of Objekt, exploring his beginnings, his most famous albums, his most famous songs, and his musical style and influences.


Objekt, whose real name is TJ Hertz, did not initially set out to become a musician. He actually studied at university to become an engineer. However, he became increasingly interested in electronic music and began experimenting with it in his spare time. He started playing small gigs in London and soon gained a reputation for his unconventional sound. His first EP, Objekt #1, was released in 2011 and received critical acclaim.


Objekt has released three full-length albums to date, each one showcasing his evolution as a musician. His first album, Flatland, was released in 2014 and is a mesmerizing journey through experimental techno and electro. It was praised for its intricate sound design and intricate compositions. His second album, Cocoon Crush, was released in 2018 and is a departure from his earlier work, taking a more ambient and abstract approach to music. His latest album, Unravelled, was released in 2021 and is a return to his techno roots, with hard-hitting beats and haunting melodies.

Famous Songs

Objekt has many famous songs that showcase his unique sound. One of his most famous tracks is Theme from Q, which is a haunting and atmospheric track that builds to a crescendo. Another notable track is Ganzfeld, which is a techno banger with a driving beat and an infectious melody. Porcupine is another famous track that features Objekt's signature sound, with intricate percussion and a catchy bassline.

Musical Style and Influences

Objekt's musical style is difficult to define, as he blends elements of many different genres to create something entirely new. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to craft intricate compositions that are both challenging and rewarding to listen to. His influences include a wide range of artists, from electronic music pioneers like Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin to experimental composers like Pierre Schaeffer.

In conclusion, Objekt is a truly unique and talented musician who has made a name for himself in the electronic music world. His music is challenging, innovative, and always exciting to listen to. Whether you're a fan of experimental techno, electro, or ambient music, there's something to love in Objekt's discography. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of his musical biography and has encouraged you to explore his music further.
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1 - Porcupine
2 - Objekt #1
3 - Agnes Revenge
4 - Ratchet
5 - One Fell Swoop
6 - Strays
7 - Agnes Apparatus
8 - Dogma
9 - First Witness
10 - Cataracts
11 - Tinderbox
12 - CLK Recovery
13 - The Goose that Got Away
14 - Unglued
15 - Second Witness
16 - Lost And Found (lost Mix)
17 - Theme From Q
18 - 35
19 - Dazzle Anew
20 - Ganzfeld
21 - Interlude (whodunnit?)
22 - One Stitch Follows Another
23 - Nervous Silk
24 - Deadlock
25 - Secret Snake
26 - Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
27 - Lost And Found (found Mix)
28 - Silica
29 - Runaway
30 - Needle And Thread
31 - Another Knot
32 - Agnes Demise
33 - Fishbone
34 - Shuttered
35 - Needle & Thread
2014: Flatland