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Pirupa: A Musical Genius in the World of Tech House
Are you looking for a music artist who blends soulful beats, hypnotic grooves, and an energetic rhythm? Look no further than Pirupa, an Italian DJ and producer who has taken the world by storm with his electrifying tech house music. Having released several groundbreaking tracks and topping charts in various countries, Pirupa has become one of the leading figures in the genre. If you're a music lover looking to add an exciting new sound to your playlist, then you should check out his music. In this blog post, we'll dive into Pirupa's musical biography, his best songs, his music genre, and some of his famous concerts and critics.
Pirupa's roots go back to the early 2000s when he started his career as a DJ and producer. Born and raised in Italy, Pirupa's musical journey began with his love for hip-hop, soul, and funk music. He then discovered house music and was inspired to produce his tracks using computer software and a keyboard. He released his first EP The Party in 2009, which gained him significant attention and opened doors for him in the industry. Since then, Pirupa has released several tracks on labels like Drumcode, Crosstown Rebels, and Desolat, and his music has been played by some of the best DJs in the world.
Pirupa's music genre is best described as tech house – a blend of techno and house music that focuses on dark and driving beats and basslines. His tracks are energetic and create a hypnotic groove that keeps the dancefloor moving. They are perfect for nightclubs and festivals, and his productions have become anthems that are played by DJs worldwide. Some of his best tracks include Party Non Stop, Let's Get It On, and Accelerator.
Moreover, Pirupa has performed in some of the world's famous venues, rising in fame with each passing gig. At the Sankeys Ibiza in 2016, he proved his skills behind the console, unleashing a set filled with banging tracks and passion that thrilled clubbers. He performed with Carl Cox on Cocoon Radio, creating a groove that was hard to forget. Critics have commented on his unique sound, which is a perfect reflection of his soulful and funky influences.
In conclusion, Pirupa is a musical genius in his right and continues to inspire with his unique sound and production techniques. With an impressive discography, a growing fan base, and critical acclaim, Pirupa's tech house music has become an essential addition to any music lover's playlist. His captivating beats and hypnotic grooves are sure to keep you moving, whether on the dancefloor or in your living room. With his debut album set to release in late 2021, Pirupa's musical journey is far from over, and we look forward to his future releases and performances.
1 - Party Non Stop (huxley Remix)
2 - Party Non Stop (original Mix)
3 - Bam
4 - Pussy Makes You Blind
5 - Wise
6 - Bless The Rain (original Mix)
7 - Piero Braindead
2011: Trust