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Charlie Haden

Charles Edward Haden (August 6, 1937 – July 11, 2014) was an American jazz double bass player, bandleader, composer and educator whose career spanned more than fifty years. In the late 1950s, Haden was an original member of the ground-breaking Ornette Coleman Quartet.
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2004: ''Land of the Sun''
2004: ''Nightfall''
2002: ''American Dreams''
2002: ''North Sea Jazz Festival 2002''
2001: ''Nocturne''
1997: ''Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories)''
1997: ''None but the Lonely Heart''
1996: ''Falling Off the Roof''
1995: ''Steal Away: Spirituals, Hymns and Folk Songs''
1994: ''Wanton Spirit''
1993: ''As Long as There's Music''
1992: ''Memoirs''
1990: ''Dialogues''
1990: ''First Song''
1989: ''In the Year of the Dragon''
1989: ''Segments''
1988: ''Etudes''
1987: ''Quartet West''
1987: ''Silence''
1983: ''The Ballad of the Fallen''
1983: ''Time Remembers One Time Once''
1981: ''Folk Songs'' listen full album
1979: ''Magico'' listen full album
1976: ''Closeness Duets''
1970: ''Liberation Music Orchestra''