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Coldcut are an English electronic music duo composed of Matt Black and Jonathan More. Credited as pioneers for pop sampling in the ‘80s, Coldcut are also considered the first stars of UK electronic dance music due to their innovative style, which featured cut-up samples of hip-hop, breaks, jazz, spoken word and various other types of music, as well as video and multimedia.



Coldcut: The Good, The Bad, and The Unforgettable

If you're like us and our team of music curators here at Groove Head Records, then you know that it's a huge privilege to be able to listen to the musical gems created by legendary DJ duo Coldcut. Whether they are sampling popular jingles from British television in their sample-based hip hop beats or masterfully blending funk, rock and Asian music influences into groundbreaking genre-blurring productions - these pioneers have continuously shown just how creative one can get when making music. Though there has been much critical acclaim over the years for Coldcut's amazing work, let's face it - not everyone is going to agree with every single beat they come up with! To give an equal amount of credit and constructive criticism, we decided that today's post would level out the playing field; we'll evaluate something criticizable about Coldcut alongside something truly unforgettable about them – enjoy!

As music curators, we love listening to Coldcut's musical creations. These legendary DJs have always been known for their creative and genre-blurring productions, showcasing their ability to blend different influences seamlessly. Though they've received much critical acclaim over the years, we also know that not every single one of their beats is perfect. Therefore, in today's post, we've decided to give equal credit and constructive criticism by evaluating something criticizable about the duo alongside something unforgettable about them. Buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into Coldcut's music!

The Bad:

Let's start by talking about something criticizable about Coldcut - their tendency to overdo the vocal samples. Coldcut's use of vocal samples has always been an integral part of their music. However, in some of their tracks, we feel like they overdo it, and the samples become a bit too much. These tracks become excessively busy, and the vocals often overshadow the other elements in the track. One example is their track 'Atomic Moog.' While the track's name gives off a futuristic vibe, the use of vocal samples in the track ultimately takes away from that futuristic feel.

The Good:

Now that we've addressed one negative aspect let's highlight something amazing about Coldcut - their unique ability to collaborate with diverse artists. Coldcut has always been known for collaborating with a variety of artists. They've showcased their ability to merge different genres and make them work together seamlessly. One example is their track 'Autumn Leaves,' which features Lisa Stansfield's beautiful vocals and Heitor Pereira's Brazilian-influenced guitars. Coldcut's production on this track creates the perfect backdrop for Stansfield's vocals and Pereira's guitar playing.

The Unforgettable:

We cannot write about Coldcut without mentioning their unforgettable track 'Timber.' This groundbreaking track features the vocals of soul singer and musician Junior Reid. The track's use of percussion is phenomenal and keeps you dancing from start to finish. Coldcut takes the listener on a journey, starting with an atmospheric intro, leading to a hip-hop influenced beat, and then dropping into a stunning breakdown that transitions into a reggae-inspired rhythm. 'Timber' is pure genius and showcases just how creative Coldcut can be with their productions.

In conclusion, Coldcut is a legendary duo that has continuously shown their ability to create unique, genre-blurring productions. Still, like any artist, they have some things that can be improved upon. Their tendency to overdo vocal samples is one example. However, we cannot deny the great things they've done, like their collaborations with a diverse range of artists, and perfecting unforgettable tracks such as 'Timber.' Overall, Coldcut has made an indelible mark on the music industry, inspiring and influencing countless DJs and producers. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!
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1 - Say Kids, What Time Is It
2 - Autumn Leaves
3 - Timber
4 - People Hold On
5 - Eine kleine Hedmusik
6 - True Skool
7 - Sound Mirrors
8 - Colours the Soul
9 - Everything Is Under Control
10 - Just For The Kick
11 - Mr Nichols
12 - Man in a Garage
13 - This Island Earth
14 - Aid Dealer
15 - Atomic Moog 2000
16 - Space Journey
17 - Return to Margin
18 - Music 4 No Musicians
19 - Rubaiyat
20 - Cloned Again
21 - Pan Opticon
22 - A Whistle And A Prayer
23 - Noah's Toilet
24 - Give It Up
25 - Boogie Man
26 - More Beats & Pieces
27 - Walk A Mile In My Shoes
28 - Every Home A Prison
29 - Sign
30 - I'm Wild About That Thing
31 - Autumn Leaves (irresistible Force Remix)
32 - Boogieman
33 - My Telephone
34 - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (henrik Schwarz Remix)
35 - Man In A Garage (king Jammy Vocal)
36 - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (tiga Mix)
37 - Fat (party And Bullshit)
38 - Colors The Soul
39 - Screw Loose
40 - Man In A Garage (bonobo Remix)
41 - Atomic Moog (the Qemists Remix)
42 - Whistle And A Prayer
43 - More Beats + Pieces