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Elf Power

Elf Power is an American indie rock band that originated in Athens, Georgia, United States. Currently, the line-up consists of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Rieger, keyboardist Laura Carter, guitarist Dave Wrathgeber, bassist Matthew Garrison, and drummer Peter Alvanos.
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1995: ''Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs''
1997: ''When The Red King Comes''
1999: ''A Dream In Sound'' listen full album
2000: ''The Winter Is Coming''
2002: ''Creatures''
2002: ''Nothing’s Going To Happen''
2004: ''Walking With The Beggar Boys''
2006: ''Back To The Web''
2006: ''Treasures From The Trash Heap''
2008: ''In A Cave''
2008: ''Dark Developments''
2010: ''Elf Power'' listen full album
2013: ''Sunlight On The Moon''