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Erasure (/ɪˈreɪʒə/) are an English synthpop duo, consisting of singer and songwriter Andy Bell and songwriter and keyboardist Vince Clarke. They formed in London in 1985 as part of the club scene. Their debut single was "Who Needs Love Like That".
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2014: ''The Violet Flame'' listen full album
2013: ''Snow Globe''
2011: ''Tomorrow's World'' listen full album
2007: ''Light at the End of the World''
2006: ''Union Street''
2005: ''Nightbird''
2003: ''Other People's Songs''
2000: ''Loveboat''
1997: ''Cowboy''
1995: ''Erasure''
1994: ''I Say I Say I Say''
1991: ''Chorus''
1989: ''Wild!'' listen full album
1988: ''The Innocents''
1987: ''Live in Hamburg Collection''
1987: ''The Circus''
1986: ''Wonderland''