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Are you a Gazette artist looking to make your musical mark in history? Well, they don't say there's no time like the present for nothing! You'll need the best songs and albums if you aspire to reach peak fame and glory. Here's some advice on how on how to create music that outlasts the competition.



Breaking Down the Musical Biography of the Legendary Gazette

In today's music industry, it's rare to find an artist that has made a massive impact on their genre. Gazette is one such artist. GazettE, a five-member Japanese rock band, has been known for touching the hearts of rock lovers worldwide with their unique and powerful sound. Today, we will take a look at the musical biography of Gazette - from their beginnings to their most famous albums, their most popular tracks, and their diverse musical style that has influenced the rock scene in Japan and beyond.

Gazette, formerly known as Gazette-Kai, was formed in Kanagawa in 2002. With the members of Ruki on vocals, Aoi and Uruha on guitar, Reita on bass, and Kai on drums, Gazette began their journey to conquer the rock genre. Their style was heavily influenced by the likes of X Japan and Luna Sea, and within a year of their formation, they had already released their first EP called Wakaremichi. Though the EP was not a hit, the band's unique sound was appreciated by their fans.

Their fame skyrocketed soon after with their second EP, Cockayne Soup. The band had discovered a distinct sound of their own, which they showcased in tracks like Reila, Cassis, and Kare Uta. Gazette had captured the hearts of their listeners and established themselves as a prominent figure in the J-rock scene.

Gazette's third album, NIL, was a game-changing moment for the band. The album was a combination of hardcore metal and industrial rock, which led to their break into the mainstream music industry in Japan. The album was an instant hit and topped the charts. Perhaps their most popular song from the album was Filth in the Beauty which featured a mixture of pop and metal sounds. The track became one of their most recognized songs and is still played by fans across the globe.

In 2008, Gazette released their fourth album, Stacked Rubbish. The album marked a new beginning for the band, as they incorporated electronic and orchestral sounds into their style. The track Guren was a masterpiece with the band's complex arrangement of rock and classical music. The album was again a success, and the band's evolution in sound had resonated with their fans.

In 2018, Gazette celebrated their 16th anniversary as a band by releasing their ninth studio album, Ninth. Ninth showcases Gazette's maturity as a band, with a variety of sounds such as jazz, funk, and pop-rock. The album features various popular tracks such as The Ninth, Dogma, and Falling.

Gazette's music is deep-rooted in the Japanese rock scene. Their music is a fusion of different styles that make their sound unique and appealing. From their beginnings to their most popular albums and songs, Gazette has always been a band that never stopped evolving. Their music has never lost its authenticity and connection with their fans. Their journey in music is one that will never be forgotten by their loyal listeners and new fans alike. Gazette has cemented their legacy as one of the best bands in the J-rock scene, and their musical biography is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians who are looking to create a sound of their own.
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1 - Red
2 - Pledge
3 - The Suicide Circus
4 - Filth In The Beauty
5 - Cassis
6 - Silly God Disco
7 - The Invisible Wall
8 - Bath Room
9 - The End
10 - Guren
11 - Hyena
12 - Discharge
13 - Burial Applicant
14 - Regret
15 - Reila
16 - Shiver
17 - Agony
18 - Shadow Vi Ii I
19 - Leech
20 - Maggots
21 - D.l.n
22 - Chizuru
23 - Art Drawn By Vomit
24 - Nausea & Shudder
25 - Taion
26 - Calm Envy
27 - Distress And Coma
28 - People Error
29 - Gentle Lie
30 - Circle Of Swindler
31 - Mob 136 Bars
32 - Swallowtail On The Death Valley
33 - Anti Pop
34 - Headache Man
35 - Cockroach
36 - Maximum Impulse
37 - A Moth Under The Skin
38 - Carry?
39 - ??
40 - In The Middle Of Chaos
41 - Dim Scene
42 - Ruder
43 - Crucify Sorrow
44 - Vortex
45 - Sugar Pain
46 - Sxdxr
47 - Intro
48 - Ogre
2021: Mass
2018: Ninth
2015: Dogma
2012: Division
2011: Toxic
2009: Dim
2006: Nil
2004: Disorder