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Inspired Flight is an artist with a long and rich musical history. Over the course of their career they have released several beloved albums, as well as plenty of energizing singles sure to get everyone up and dancing. Fusing genres such as rock, pop, rap, and jazz, Inspired Flight can make even the pickiest music lover immune to not tapping their feet and head bobbing in response. With two chart topping albums, this artist shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; making both new fans from all across the globe and established ones eagerly await for their next releases each time.
Get Inspired with Inspired Flight: A Musical Biography, Best Songs, and Critic
As a music listener, finding artists that resonate with your personal style and taste is one of the most gratifying experiences. In this blog post, let's explore the music of Inspired Flight – a talented duo made up of producers and multi-instrumentalists, Chad Hugo and Gabe Lehner. We take a deep dive into their musical biography, music genres, best songs, and a critic of their work. So let's get inspired and check out the musical journey of Inspired Flight.
Inspired Flight came into the music scene in 2008, with the debut album, We All Want to Fly. Gaining international recognition swiftly, they caught the attention of music industry experts and critics. Chad Hugo, a founding member and contributor of the famous Neptunes, partnered with Gabe Lehner, giving his music an entirely different twist. Inspired Flight bases their music on live instrumentation, combined with synths and beats, which gives their music the perfect balance of organic and digital sound.
Their music genre is a blend of trip-hop, chillout, and downtempo, catering to those who want to unwind and lose themselves in the sound's atmosphere. What makes Inspired Flight's music unique is their ability to extract emotions and thoughts from the listeners through their music. They have produced a few remixes for famous artists like Radiohead, Daft Punk, and The Weeknd, showcasing their musical prowess and creativity.
Inspired Flight has numerous notable songs; however, some songs stand out. It's the Chemicals, featuring Scarub, is one such song that captivates the audience with its haunting melody, excellent lyrics, and beautiful arrangement. Another well-known song is Wonderwall, a remake of a legendary-only popular by rock band, Oasis. Inspired Flight's version of Wonderwall is slower, groovier, and more soulful – adding an element of melancholy that Oasis' version lacked.
The duo has performed at various concerts worldwide, which had great success. One notable performance was at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2011, where they played alongside Mumford and Sons, Eminem, and Arcade Fire, amongst others. Their music had fans awe-inspired and impressed, showcasing the duo's incredible dedication to their craft.
Critic: Inspired Flight's music can be complex, with each song designed to take you on a journey through sound and emotion. Their music is not something you can listen to passively while doing something else; you need to focus on the sound and the lyrics, to appreciate its beauty. But when you do, you will encounter a musical world that’ll take you to places. Their music is meant to be experienced by the senses, not just heard.
Inspired Flight's music is a beautiful combination of creativity, musical talent, and artistic vision. Their thoughtful music transports listeners to a world of emotions and unforgettable landscapes. They have mastered the balance of organic and digital sound, which shows their exceptional musical range. Their music genre is unique and captivating, gaining them fans worldwide. Whether you are going on a long drive or winding down after a hard day's work, Inspired Flight’s music is guaranteed to become your perfect companion.
1 - Pull, Push, Let Go (feat. Eligh)
2 - It's The Chemicals (feat. Sca...
3 - It Always Takes
4 - We All Want To Fly (feat. Inspectah Deck)
5 - Wishy Washy
6 - I Won't Let You Down
7 - Jackie's Song
8 - Eight Words
9 - Before I'm Done (feat. Rugged Monk)
10 - Wonderwall Remix
11 - Parasympathetic
12 - An Outlet
13 - Wonderwall
14 - The Plan
15 - I Won't Let You Down